Finding the Perfect Cleaning Schedule: Tailoring Cleaning Frequency to Your Needs

Finding the Perfect Cleaning Schedule: Tailoring Cleaning Frequency to Your Needs

Having a house cleaner come into your home for a scheduled cleaning is a great way to stay on top of your home’s cleanliness. We all have busy schedules, and it can be tiresome to constantly think about cleaning your house. Time is precious, and you would rather spend that time with your family and friends than cleaning your home.

Once you have found the house cleaner you want to hire, one of the first questions you will be asked is how frequently you want your scheduled cleaning. Do you want a weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or monthly cleaning?

Why Does Your Cleaning Frequency Matter?

Laundry Room with Clothes in the Washing MachineChoosing the least expensive option when choosing a scheduled cleaning may be tempting, but there are several factors to explore when deciding how often you want your house cleaner to work in your home. Making sure you pick the right frequency for your house cleaning will set you up for a positive experience and prevent any disappointment for you or discouragement for your house cleaner.

Part of your decision-making will rely on how much work you’d like to do yourself on your house. If you are okay with the day-to-day cleaning but would like a house cleaner to come in occasionally to do a top-to-bottom scrub, a monthly cleaning might be best. If you’d rather not have to worry about picking up or have a pet that brings in a lot of dander, bi-weekly cleaning or weekly cleaning services might serve your needs best.

Why Opt for Weekly Cleaning?

A weekly cleaning service is one of the best ways to ensure your home is always clean. When you schedule a weekly cleaning, you give yourself the gift of time to do other things, like spending time with your family and friends. 

Weekly cleanings are a great way to keep your home happy and healthy. It is vital to keep your bathrooms hygienic, kitchen spick and span, bed linens fresh, floors swept and vacuumed, and everything dusted. Scheduled cleaning needs to happen whether you hire a house cleaner or not, and hiring someone to help is a great way to make sure everything gets done every week.

Is Bi-Weekly Cleaning Right for You?

Polishing Wood FloorA bi-weekly cleaning schedule is the perfect in-between schedule for families with little time to work on their home who also don’t want to wait a month between each professional cleaning.

Leave the big messes for your house cleaner for bi-weekly cleaning while you take care of the smaller tasks between their visits. Your bi-weekly cleaning will address every room in your home regularly so that you can focus on other things.

Are Monthly Cleaning Services a Good Fit?

Maintain your home’s cleanliness with a monthly cleaning. A monthly cleaning schedule is ideal for homes where the owner can take on the bulk of the cleaning and would like help tackling the more extensive projects once a month.

A monthly cleaning session will be longer than a weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning because your house cleaner will have more to focus on. Because of this, the one-time cost of monthly cleaning is higher than that of a weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning session.

5 Reasons You May Need More Frequent Cleanings

1. Remove Indoor Allergens

Person Vacuums Carpet with CatKeeping the dust at bay with a weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning will not just make your home nicer to look at, but it will also improve your respiratory health. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests controlling indoor allergens to reduce asthma triggers.

Allergens can come from:

  • Pets
  • Stuffed toys
  • Bedding
  • Damp areas
  • Wall-to-wall carpet

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies annually. The average American spends 90% of their time indoors, but the percentage of indoor pollutants is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants. 

You have direct control over just a few spaces, but your home is one of them. Make your home safer and more comfortable by setting up a regularly scheduled cleaning. Even with a monthly cleaning, you will start to notice improvement in your respiratory health soon after your house cleaner starts coming on a regular basis.

2. Save Your Personal Time

Family of Three Spends Time Together at HomeOne resource we cannot make more of is time, but you can reclaim your time by handing off your home cleaning to a house cleaner. Ask yourself how much time you want back: time that amounts to a weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or monthly cleaning?

Here are some other things you will have time to do when you are not cleaning your home:

  • Pursue new hobbies
  • Spend time with your family
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Exercise
  • Hang out with friends

When you have someone already taking care of the dust and grime in your home, you also have more time to work on home organization or decoration projects that have piled up. Allow your house cleaner to come in and take care of the dirty work so you can dedicate time to the beautification of your home. You may be surprised at how your motivation to organize and decorate increases when your home is consistently clean.

3. Save Money

Homeowner Shampoos Beige CarpetOf course, hiring a Local maid service Seattle for a scheduled cleaning costs money, but the frequency of your scheduled cleaning will impact that overall cost. A weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning will be 10-25% cheaper than a monthly cleaning, but the cost frequency will increase.

Because your house stays cleaner between each scheduled cleaning when the house cleaner comes weekly or bi-weekly, they spend less time in your house during each cleaning. This is good for your home and your wallet.

Have an open conversation with your house cleaner about cleaning costs. Look at your budget and make a wise decision that will respect your wallet and give you the results you are looking for.

4. Entertain With Confidence

Nothing is worse than inviting people over and having to speed clean your house right before they arrive. Regularly scheduled cleaning gives you the confidence to entertain in your home, knowing you’ll have help getting your house in order.

The Mayo Clinic recognizes friendships enrich your life and can improve your health. Friends can boost happiness and reduce stress, so do not counteract that stress reduction by having to clean before your friends come over.

More frequent cleanings ensure that your home is ready more often than not. Results from a monthly cleaning may be hard to maintain over the following 30 days, and you may end up doing more work to get ready for company.

5. Improve Your Mental Health

Cleaner Wipes Down Glass Shower DoorRegular house cleaning can improve your mental health. There is a clear link between clutter and stress, depression, and anxiety. Take a step toward better mental health by having a scheduled cleaning to take care of the dust and splatters and keep you accountable for the clutter.

A monthly cleaning will help, but a weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning will keep your house cleaner and clutter at bay more often. A clean environment can:

  • Increase focus
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Ward off depression
  • Provide a space for adequate rest

When your house cleaner leaves after a scheduled cleaning, you will feel more at ease in your space. Nothing compares to having peace in your home, and regular cleanings help make that possible.

When is it Time for A Deep Clean?

Cleaner Deep Cleans Washing MachineIf you’re just starting your house cleaning services or you choose to go a while between each scheduled cleaning, you may need a one-time deep clean to get your house back in order. After, your house cleaner might recommend a weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning – when you stay on top of the mess with frequent cleanings, the job stays manageable.

A deep clean goes deeper than your normal chores and gets into your home’s crevices to get things clean. When weeks go between cleanings, your home collects dust and grime and the job gets much bigger for your house cleaner. Even with a monthly cleaning, your house may not be maintained well, and you may need a deep clean.

A seasonal deep clean — like spring cleaning — may be necessary occasionally as seasons change or your house has been neglected. Any way to keep up with the cleaning in the interim will help your stress and budget.

How Kids and Pets Can Change Your House Cleaning Needs

Dog Sleeping on a CouchHaving little ones or a furry friend increases your need for scheduled cleaning. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 68% of Americans have pets. They are wonderful companions and bring joy to the home, but they also bring dander and dirt. Children can also add to the chore list, as there are additional bedrooms and bathrooms to scrub along with more frequent spills.

Weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning is ideal when you have a pet and/or young children at home. Monthly cleaning leaves a lot of time for fur and other debris to collect, and it becomes a bigger problem. 

Be sure your house cleaner uses safe, pet-friendly eco-cleaning products, and tell your cleaning company that you have a pet on the front end so you can be matched with a house cleaner who will enjoy being around your animal.

Scheduling a house cleaner is an amazing gift to yourself. Have an honest conversation with your cleaning company to see if you would benefit from a weekly cleaning, a bi-weekly cleaning, or a monthly cleaning. Evaluate your budget, needs, and time to make an accurate assessment, and enjoy the time you get back from your scheduled cleaning.