What To Do When Your House Cleaner Isn’t Working Out

What To Do When Your House Cleaner Isn’t Working Out

As much as any company wants the customer to be completely satisfied from the beginning, there are times when it is necessary to adjust to best serve everyone. Cleaning companies employ trained, professional cleaners, but they are still human and sometimes don’t fit in the homes where they are assigned.

Instead of jumping from company to company, consider approaching any issues as a team and fine-tune your plan. This may include an internal switch to a new cleaner, but there may be solutions you find along the way to get everyone back on the same page.


What To Expect from Your Cleaning Company

You’ve finally decided to hire a cleaning company, but you may not be sure what will be covered during each cleaning. It is essential to ensure your expectations line up with what your cleaning company offers. 

Investigate cleaning companies to find the right fit for you. Do not be afraid to ask questions and read reviews, but address any concerns you see in reviews with the company itself. There are several things you should consider when initially hiring a cleaner, including:

Your cleaning company should send you the same maid for each cleaning. These employees are trained with the company standards, so it is helpful to have conversations before they start to understand what to expect and when to raise concerns with the company if things are not working out.


5 Things to Do When Your Cleaner Isn’t Working Out

While your cleaning company has training and standards, sometimes a maid and a client do not work well together. This is not slight to either party — it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for each cleaner and home.

If you still appreciate the goals and standards of the cleaning company, it is worth it to open a conversation and potentially find another cleaner within the organization to pick up the work in your home. Most reputable companies want to be able to address problems as they arise.

Sometimes, a cleaner has gotten too familiar with the home and starts missing critical cleaning tasks. We notice this happens when they have been in the same home for two years, and we encourage homeowners to schedule a deep clean to reset the house and give the maid a chance to jump in with a clean slate.


  1. Clear Communication

The importance of clear communication starts the moment you contact a cleaning company. You should bring all of your expectations to the table from the get-go so that they can advise you on what is reasonable and what they are able to provide. This will also help them pair a cleaner with you that they think will be a great fit for your needs.

It is ideal to address any issues with your maid immediately so your cleaning company can work to make a switch or remind your cleaner of your expectations. Share your concerns with plenty of detail so they can be addressed thoroughly.

Opening conversation early and clearly gives your cleaning company a chance to learn more about you and increase your chances of having a perfect match with a new maid, if necessary. 


  1. Set Reasonable Expectations

When you have clear communication from the beginning of your professional relationship, your cleaning company may help mold your expectations to what is reasonable. For example, you may be reaching out about a monthly cleaning, but after hearing your goals, your cleaner may suggest a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to keep your house the way you want it.

It may also be beneficial to deep clean your home before your scheduled cleaning starts and intermittently throughout the year to keep up with things your maid may not get to regularly.

Ask your cleaning service if there are tasks you can do beforehand to help your cleaner be successful. By working together, you may be able to relieve any issues you have seen. Some of these tasks may include:

  • Securing your pets
  • Decluttering your house
  • Letting your maid know about home quirks


  1. Feedback and Evaluations

Any feedback is helpful for your cleaning company to know what adjustments to make with your maid. Evaluate what tasks your cleaning lady should be doing and give thorough evaluations. This is true both when things are not working out with your cleaner and when your maid is knocking it out of the park. 

Highlight both the good and bad you have seen, especially if you are looking for a new cleaning lady. Knowing what you like and what you do not like will help your cleaning company find a better fit for you in the future.

When you get a cleaner that is working well within your home, make sure you let the company know. They will appreciate knowing they were able to find the perfect maid for you.


  1. Request a Different Cleaner

Of course, there may come a time to make the switch to a new maid. According to Statista Research Department, there were approximately 771,000 maids and house cleaners in the United States in 2022. That is a lot of cleaners you could potentially work with! Even so, staying with the same company and requesting a different cleaner is much more helpful.

Allow the company to work with you through these changes. The more you jump from company to company, the less each organization will know about you, and the harder it will be to match you with the right maid


  1. Have Patience with your Cleaning Company

At the end of the day, your cleaning company wants you to be happy. There are many factors that could play into why you need to switch maids, and your cleaning company will do the work behind the scenes to make sure your expectations are met.

Have grace and allow the company to make the right adjustments for you. When everything is settled, you will be thankful for a hard-working cleaner and a company that cares enough for you and your expectations to take the time and make it right.