One Call for Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly House Cleaning Services in Seattle or Bellevue

Kids, work, pets … there are plenty of reasons why keeping up with house cleaning can be challenging. For top-quality cleaning in the Seattle and Bellevue areas, rely on Pure House Cleaning. We offer a wide range of cleaning services that take the stress out of home upkeep. Our experienced cleaners reside locally in your area and use only green, eco-friendly cleaning products for the safety and protection of your home.

Save time with our regularly-scheduled cleaning services in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Beyond

In today’s busy world, your time has never been more precious. If you’d like more time to spend with your kids, catch up with friends or just to relax, join many of your neighbors in the Seattle area by booking regularly-scheduled cleaning services with Pure House Cleaning.

Whether you’re interested in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services, we’ll schedule your regular cleaning visits on days and at times that are convenient for you. And unlike having to explain your expectations each time a new cleaner comes in, we’ll have discussed your needs beforehand and will send the same experienced cleaner every time.

Pure House Cleaning: The Smart Choice for Regular Home Cleaning Services

Our approach at Pure House Cleaning is to deliver high-quality cleaning that meets your specific needs. We will not over-promise or suggest that your home will be finished quickly because quality cleaning takes time. Though we are committed offering detailed service based on your preferences and expectations. We will assign a cleaner that is a good match for you — personally. We’ll also ensure a professional standard of green cleaning using only eco-friendly cleaning products sourced in the U.S. This is why we are so unique to other services in the Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond areas.

Understanding Every Customer

Before your regularly-scheduled cleanings begin, we’ll discuss your specific cleaning needs with you in detail — including topics such as pets in the home, allergies and any special instructions on how to clean specific items. We do this to ensure you’re assigned the perfect cleaner to meet your expectations every time.

Building Personal Relationships

Once we have a clear understanding of your cleaning needs, we’ll assign the best cleaner for you from our experienced team of green cleaners. For example, if you have pets, we’ll assign a cleaner who is comfortable around them, maybe even over the moon about them! All of our cleaners are local to Seattle, Bellevue or Redmond and we’ll only assign one cleaner to your home – so you’ll come to know them and hopefully make a personal connection.

Protecting Our Planet

Did you know that eco cleaning products are not only better for our planet, but better for your home as well? These green, biodegradable products have no strong chemical odors that can irritate allergies, or chemical residue that may build over time on floors, carpets, counters and appliances, causing potential harm to your home, family and pets.

Seattle Regular Cleaning Services

Pure House Cleaning’s Range of Regular Cleaning Services

We offer three different options for regular house cleaning in Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond:

  • Option 1: Weekly House Cleaning. Bring a professional cleaning touch to your home each week that allows you more free time to enjoy your favorite activities.
  • Option 2: Bi-weekly House Cleaning. Keep your home clean and tidy by having our professional cleaners come in every other week — a plus for those with kids, pets and overly-jammed schedules.
  • Option 3: Monthly House Cleaning. For those who have time to do basic cleaning, but need a good cleaner to do a more thorough job. Our once-a-month option is great for putting a professional sparkle in every room of your home while getting into those nooks and crannies for a deeper, more lasting clean.

Our Cleaners

Whichever option you choose, be assured you’ll be getting a professional cleaning service from an experienced cleaner who has passed our rigorous recruitment process. On average, we only choose two out of every ten applicants. We’ve set a high standard for our cleaners and don’t just consider their cleaning experience, but their attitude and personality as well. After all, we want you to feel comfortable with the person who is coming into your home.

You can also rest assured that your cleaner will be:

  • Assigned to you according to your specific preferences;
  • Locally-based in order to minimize the chance of being delayed in traffic;
  • Ready to follow any specific cleaning instructions you have for them.

Your Requirements

Together we’ll go over the details of your selected regular cleaning service before your scheduled service begins. This practice ensures we meet all of your expectations and follow any special instructions you may have including:

  • Pets – Many of our cleaners are also pet lovers and will definitely clean while your pets are home. Let us know beforehand so we can advise them if your pets will be roaming free in the home when they are to arrive. We wouldn’t want to let them out of the home unexpectedly.
  • Allergies – To help manage allergies in your home, our cleaners use green cleaning products, vacuums with HEPA filtration systems and microfiber cloths. Just let us know if you have any other special requirements.

Any Questions? Contact us today!