Regular cleaning

This type of service is usually reserved for small families or those heavily involved with their work. The reason being, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with work or raising your family and have little time left to clean up your home.

We at Pure House Cleaning absolutely understand that and are well-versed in all types of cleaning situations. While our regularly scheduled Seattle cleaning service is highly popular with families, we do service clients with any and all types of needs.

The key features to our ongoing cleaning services:

  • We work with you to schedule a routine cleaning service that best fits your schedule
  • Our punctual staff is highly responsible and reliable. We show up when we say we will.  You’ll never have to worry about us missing an appointment.
  • Our cleaning crew is highly respectful of your privacy and possessions.

If you’re a busy professional who isn’t left with enough time to thoroughly clean your home or vacuum up animal fur, we can help you. In fact, your busy schedule will likely provide more than enough time for us to clean your home while you’re away on business, allowing you to return to a well-cleaned, beautiful home.

We also have many families as clients. Raising a family is hectic and many parents don’t have enough time to devote to cleaning when all is said and done. That’s no problem, just give our cleaners a call and schedule a recurring cleaning appointment and we’ll be there to help you out.

Seattle House Cleaning and Maid Services
Seattle House Cleaning Services

Our regularly scheduled Seattle cleaning service is perfect for the following people:

  • A family with small children who needs a bit of extra cleaning help
  • Professionals who don’t have the time to keep up with housekeeping
  • Families or individuals with pets who want assistance in cleaning fur and animal messes
  • Those with recurring schedules who’d like to fit a cleaning service during their absence in the home

If you’re someone who is looking for a trustworthy and respectful cleaning crew to tidy up while you’re away, give us a call. Pure House Cleaning treats our client’s homes as we would our very own.

We are a flexible cleaning company who will absolutely do our best to accommodate your schedule and keep your house tidy on a consistent basis.