Post-construction Cleanup

If you’ve recently finished renovating or remodeling your home, you’ve definitely realized that fine dust and debris have been left throughout the new area. When a home project is completed, lots of dust is bound to show up, and Pure House Cleaning is knowledgeable in post-construction cleanup services.

Our Seattle after construction cleaning crew will transform the dusty newly-remodeled area into a sparkling clean area. After all, if you’ve already spent lots of time renovating an area in your home, you might not want to spend even more time cleaning it up.

Let our Seattle post construction cleaners help you!

We’ve been providing house cleaning for remodeled homes for years and are very adept at the special type of cleaning involved with this service.

Your newly remodeled area will receive the following attention:

  • We’ll wipe down and clean all surfaces with our damp microfiber towels in order to remove dust and fine debris
  • All paint drops and specks will be thoroughly scraped off and removed
  • Doorknobs and handles will be disinfected with green cleaning products
  • Your hardwood floors with be cleaned thoroughly
  • All difficult-to-get-to carpet corners will be edge-vacuumed thoroughly
  • Your windows and millwork will be thoroughly hand-cleaned

In the end, your new area will be thoroughly cleaned until it looks beautiful and new. We’ll also provide Bellevue post construction cleaning services if you’re not located in Seattle.

If our crew notices any issues with construction quality or finds any areas which need special construction attention, we’ll bring this to your attention. We can also recommend experts to further assist you.