Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose any areas of your home do not meet your expectations. Just get in touch with our office within 24 hours, and we’ll come back to re-clean—at no extra cost. Our technicians can usually make it out the same day or the next business day, so you won’t have to wait long before getting everything sparkling clean to your satisfaction—but sorry, no refunds are available as part of this policy.

Most of the time, morning cleanings start between 8 am and 9 am.
The afternoon cleaning sessions begin between 12 pm and 1 pm.
Usually, we don’t schedule projects that go beyond 6 pm.

From tidying up bedrooms and mopping floors to scrubbing sinks and toilet bowls – no corner will be left untouched. Enjoy additional savings when booking extras like windowsills or exterior surfaces in every room – from the living room and bedroom to the bathroom! View our detailed checklist for further information on what’s included in each Regular Cleaning service visit.

You can customize the cleaning experience even more for an additional charge by choosing optional services.

Get your home sparkling with a deep clean tailored to your needs!

Ready to give your home the extra TLC it deserves? Deep Cleaning, also known as spring cleaning, is just what you need! Our thorough and detailed cleaning services will transform each room in your house back to its original beauty. Don’t just take our word for it – view our extensive checklist of items we cover during this service. With us on board, dust bunnies won’t stand a chance against the sparkling results that’ll make everyone say, “Wow!”

We always recommend an initial deep cleaning for our first-time clients because many people need help understanding the difference professional house cleaning can bring to their home. Once a thorough deep cleaning has been done, a scheduled regular cleaning, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, will maintain the hygienic, comprehensive clean that you will come to expect from your regular cleaning.

The undeniable benefits of hiring a professional service for a Move-Out Cleaning are:

  • Provides more time to focus on the place you are moving into.
  • Guarantees rent deposit refund
  • Provides peace of mind and relieves stress

When transitioning out of a residential home, it’s essential to leave the place in its original condition, as if no one had ever lived there. A Move-Out Cleaning can ensure that those occupying the house afterward can make their mark on it and call it “home.” Once your residence is unfurnished, and all personal belongings have been removed, it’s key to transform it back into an unoccupied property, so the new owners to create long-lasting memories within its walls!

A Move-In Cleaning, or as some clients call it, a “claim my home cleaning,” is the ultimate deep-dive into your new home! Designed for cleaning every corner with meticulous attention, extras like cleaning inside ovens, fridges, and cabinets make sure there’s no spot left untouched. Windows are also given a once-over in this comprehensive cleaning upgrade – ensuring you can move right in without any worries!

With a comprehensive initial Deep Cleaning service, we create the perfect foundation for a spotless home. Not only will every area be scrubbed and sparkling, but it also sets an immaculate standard to uphold with subsequent regularly scheduled cleanings.

We understand your time is valuable, so we strive to provide fast and efficient service. To ensure a smooth process for both parties involved, for a one-time cleaning, please make sure you cancel 72 hours before the booked appointment if necessary – this will guarantee you a full refund! However, if it’s not possible for you to cancel within that time frame, don’t worry; you can still reschedule for two weeks from the original date at no extra cost.

We all know how precious weekends are, so there are cleaning technicians that offer weekend cleaning services at a premium. To ensure you secure a reservation for the ideal weekend, booking in advance – at least four weeks before – is ideal!

Taking a break from your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, or you can’t make your usual cleaning date? Not to worry; just let us know 48 hours before, and you can easily reschedule for another day.

Our business is founded on consistency, trust, and long-lasting relationships, so you can expect the same cleaner to come every time. But if something comes up – whether it’s sickness, a move, or just some much-needed rest – we will match you with an equally fantastic cleaning technician.

When it comes to earning your trust, we don’t take the task lightly. Our efforts during and after business with clients are unparalleled, so you can rest assured that safety, privacy, and peace of mind come first! With dozens of high-net-worth clients, a handful of celebrity clients, and over 400 positive reviews from satisfied customers, you can have faith in us, knowing that our utmost priority is providing outstanding service and always safeguarding your interests.

Are you in need of a Deep Clean for those long-ignored showers, smoky ovens, or neglected corners? While we only bring green cleaning products, we can use industrial-strength cleaners provided by you. Please provide the cleaning product you would like the cleaner to use, and they will take care of it.

When it comes to allowing a cleaner access to your home, a few options can make the process easier. Giving copies of keys is an ideal solution when you or a cleaner needs a quick and flexible entry. Alternately, supplying a garage door code or opener allows convenient entrance without needing someone onsite. Smart locks provide additional security benefits – assigned codes let cleaners in while keeping everybody else out! For arguably the most secure option available, nothing quite compares to lockboxes, which offer peace of mind by allowing you to control who enters your property.

The art of tipping is alive and well in the Seattle area when it comes to cleaning services. For regularly scheduled cleanings, like weekly or bi-weekly visits, a tip between $10-$30 would be appropriate. If your cleaner has done an exceptional job – such as deep or spring cleaning – then consider tipping 20% of the total cost, ranging from around $40 to $300 (for larger and effort-intensive projects). Your generous gesture does make all the difference for the cleaners and will undoubtedly show appreciation and recognition for their hard work.

Accidents can happen, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered and are eager to help – we provide insurance coverage for damages, plus whatever it takes to fix or replace the broken item.

Knowing exactly how long your cleaning project will take can help you plan accordingly. After signing up and giving all the details of your project, we’ll provide a tailored estimation that reflects our top-notch cleaners’ work rate—we guarantee high-quality standards regardless of speed!

Have you had an unsatisfactory experience with our services? We do understand that, on rare occasions, a customer may be less than satisfied. Don’t hesitate to share the details of your unfortunate circumstance; we are committed to providing quality service and will take every step necessary until it meets or exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for further assistance – please let us make this right!

Can you save on our service prices? Absolutely! When we combine multiple bookings in the same area, we can significantly lower transportation and setup costs. So, if your neighbors are also interested, let us know – saving money has never been easier!

With any job, timing is essential. When a project goes behind schedule, it’s usually because something wasn’t properly communicated along the way – but don’t worry – we are here to help you find an effective solution! Don’t hesitate to call the dedicated customer service line; we will figure it out.

Finding the right provider for your home needs can be a challenge – from ensuring you provide sufficient details to accurately gauge the cost and time involved to considering all aspects of cleanliness; it’s critical that homeowners take their time getting details right. Make sure you are honest about home size, bedroom and bathroom count, occupants, and pets so that we may serve you best!

You want the best possible cleaning for your unique home, but what are all the factors that determine a cleaning quote? The Current Cleaning Rating of your home, like the many other crucial data points we collect (home age and surfaces, tenants in your house, etc.), allows us to accurately tailor, match, and schedule services.

We currently serve Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, and the surrounding area in King County, WA. For a detailed map of our complete service area, click here.

Professional cleaners are held to insurance and licensing regulations, which prevent them from undertaking certain tasks. As a result, these services fall outside the scope of their work responsibilities:

  • Wall washing or scrubbing
  • Carpet shampooing/carpet cleaning/carpet stain removal
  • Fabric blind cleaning or washing
  • Chandelier cleaning or washing/glass light fixtures attached to ceilings/hanging pendant lights
  • Musical instruments
  • Stereo equipment
  • Garbage/trash removal to bins if you are in a condo or apartment. Cleaners will bag the trash and leave it at your inside front door.
  • Compost removal
  • Oven grate cleaning
  • Interior fireplace cleaning/ash removal/fireplace screen cleaning
  • Cat litter box/cat litter on the floor (we will sweep up the litter if you leave us a broom; if you leave a mop, we can mop the area for you, but we can’t use our supplies). We do not move cat litter boxes, so please make sure you move the box for us ahead of the cleaning.
  • Pet feces, urine, vomit, furballs
  • Bio-hazardous cleaning (urine, mold, blood, bodily fluids, etc.)
  • Areas unreachable by using our step stool
  • Ceiling fans over beds
  • Carpet powder and baking soda on flooring
  • Paint splatter
  • Utility rooms with concrete floors or other unfinished areas in the home
  • Garages or any areas outside of the home
  • Any area of floor, cabinets, or furniture that have paint, paint drips, candle wax, or other stuck-on matter that could potentially cause damage
  • We clean mold in bathrooms unless the mold is on a porous surface, such as a cabinet, baseboard, window frame, etc.
  • Open shelving in place of kitchen cabinets. You may add task blocks to include this — kindly call the office.

Cleaning technicians need access to your home in order for us to complete the service. If we cannot access the home, you will be charged the total price regardless of what work is done. Unsafe or hazardous conditions such as pests, needles, illegal drugs, and firearms can also prevent completion; if we discover these issues during a clean-up job, our office will notify you and charge a full fee even if no services are completed.

Cleaning technicians know the importance of keeping your beloved pets safe. They will stay vigilant when entering and exiting your home, promptly closing doors behind them. To ensure your pet’s safety, please let us know if any in-house animals may be roaming freely during our visit; this way, cleaners can take extra precautions to prevent an unexpected escape!

Cleaners work around pets every day, and we love them! However, if you have special concerns that fall outside the duties of cleaning (i.e., if you have allergies to your pet and your pet cannot be in your bedroom, your cat cannot have any plastic around him or he will eat it, or your dog gets excited and urinates when greeting a visitor), we will not be held responsible for any damages or liability that result from your pets’ actions. If your pet has ANY special requirements, we recommend you board them for the cleaning day.

Bathing areas, such as showers and tubs, can quickly become covered in calcium, lime, or soap scum. Elbow grease combined with an appropriate non-toxic cleaning agent is usually enough to help remove the build-up of minerals and lime from these surfaces; however, acid removers may be needed for complete removal. Cleaning technicians can help remove soap scum, but mold and mildew that has grown deep into grout or caulk require more extensive work, like re-grouting or caulking, which will eliminate stains on tile surfaces, making them look good again after a thorough scrubbing session with a grout brush. The good news is that there are specialized shower and bath rejuvenation and restoration companies that provide inexpensive and non-intrusive rejuvenation services. You can find more help at Glass Doctor.