One-time Cleaning

Are you someone who regularly cleans your home but finds yourself in need of a break? Maybe you’re in the middle of a big work project or are planning an upcoming vacation that is interrupting your daily house cleaning. No problem! Simply hire Pure House Cleaning to tidy up for you so you can return from your vacation to a beautifully cleaned home.

Maybe your in-laws are coming to visit, and they demand a spotless home. Again, not an issue if you give us a call! The Seattle house cleaning team will have your home sparkling and shining in no time.

Is your home messy after a family function?

Many people use the one-time house cleaning service after having family and friends stay over. We all love our family and friends, but sometimes having people in your home can be a little hectic and lead to extra messes. If cleaning up after your latest visitors feels overwhelming, give us a call, and we’ll get things tidied right up. The Seattle house cleaning services will have your space back to normal and ready for your next guests.

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Seattle House Cleaning Services

Who uses the one-time cleaning service?

The one-time house cleaning service is perfect for someone who, for whatever reason, simply needs a break from cleaning but doesn’t want their house to suffer. We’ll cover all areas of the home, including small spaces to remove dust, cobwebs, dirt, and grime.

Many of the people who utilize this service are families who are planning vacations, having friends stay over, or need a bit of tidying up after a party or function. Others are those who simply want a professional cleaning touch to their home, so they call the cleaning crew. Whatever the reason, Pure House Cleaning can help.

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The expert Seattle house cleaners are excellent at their jobs and have many years of house cleaning under their belts. Book today!