Move-in Cleaning for Seattle and Bellevue

For a sparkling start in your new home, rely on our move-in cleaning service in Seattle and Bellevue.

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Let us make your experience as positive as possible with a professional green cleaning that covers a full spectrum of services. From floor cleaning to carpet cleaning to closets, cabinets, walls and window sills, we’ll ensure every space is thoroughly cleaned and ready for you to arrive with your furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. Our professional cleaners are located in your area and are ready to give your home the sparkle it deserves.

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Want to be sure moving into your new house or apartment really feels like a fresh start? We’re here to help. Pure House Cleaning will arrange for one of our experienced green cleaners to give your new home a complete cleaning so it looks and feels exactly the way you’d like it to when you move in.

Why Choose Pure House Cleaning?

Join our many valued clients in Seattle and Bellevue who trust us to deliver professional quality move-in cleaning using eco-friendly products for the home.

Move-in Cleaning Services Personalized Your Needs

Our service begins before we enter your home. To ensure your expectations for a quality cleaning are met, we take the time to compile a complete list of cleaning services plus any extras you’d like us to perform — interiors of closets, cabinets, appliances — you name it! This allows us to personalize your cleaning service and send the perfect cleaner or team that best fits your needs.

Move-in Cleaning in the Seattle Area You Can Trust

There are many professional cleaners in Seattle and Bellevue, but not all will meet your expectations. We spend time building relationships with our clients and strive to deliver services according to your expectations. Our team of experienced cleaners are committed to making sure every move-in cleaning is performed according to your detailed list of tasks so that you’ll be over the moon when you move into your new home.

An Environmentally-friendly Clean Every Time

Our mission is provide professional quality, chemical-free cleaning for our clients. We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable products sourced by reputable U.S. suppliers that are guaranteed to be safe for your home and family. Rest assured that your move-in cleaning will be 100% green and free of odor-producing harsh chemicals.

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We take the stress out of move-in cleaning in Seattle, Bellevue and Beyond

There’s no doubt having to clean before you move into your new home takes some of the joy out of the experience. Rely on us to deliver a deep clean that will have you breathing a sigh of relief when you walk through the door. Beautifully-cleaned floors and glistening surfaces — it’s our pleasure to make your first experience of your home a happy one. Just call us and we’ll arrange your move-in cleaning service in the greater Seattle area.

Pure House Cleaning Has the Right Cleaner For You

Our dedicated green cleaners have considerable experience and are eager to fulfill your highest expectations. Plus, Pure House Cleaning will personalize your move-in cleaning for a fair, competitive price in the greater Seattle area.

When you call we’ll ask a series of questions designed to give us better understanding about your home’s interior spaces and the areas you’d like us to focus on, including any special requests. From the information you provide, we’ll build a plan for your move-in cleaning and provide a quote for you. We’re not able to offer standard pricing as each home is unique in terms of size, finishes and existing condition. We do, however, offer fair and competitive pricing and will do our best to work with you.

For the services we provide during our cleaning, please reference our house cleaning services checklist.

Once we’ve personalized your move-in cleaning, we’ll be able to match one of our green cleaners to you based on

  • Where you live. We’ll assign a cleaner who lives near you to minimize the risk of traffic delays that would cause them to arrive late to their scheduled appointment.
  • Your preferences. For example, if you’re planning to be at the home during your move-in cleaning and will have your pet in the home, we’ll assign a cleaner who is comfortable around them. Or, perhaps you might prefer a cleaner who is fluent in English. Whatever your preferences, we’ll match you with the right cleaner for you.

Pure House Cleaning – The Call to Make for Move-in Cleaning in Seattle and Bellevue.

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