Realtor Showcase Cleaning

When a visitor walks in your door, not only will they see your decorating skill, they’ll notice your home’s cleanliness and fresh scent. Most real estate agents use this service before and after the staging setup.

How often will you be cleaning my property?

We’ll continue cleaning your for-sale property till it sells, visiting weekly to dust, mop floors, vacuum carpets, and clean fingerprints from surfaces. We can help you eliminate any odors and add a pleasant fragrance.

Are you a realtor looking to showcase a property? Are you a private home owner looking to sell your house or condo? In either case, you want your property to look its absolute best. And our Seattle real estate cleaning services, it will!

Why use our Seattle real estate showcase cleaning services?

When a potential buyer enters the property, you want them to immediately notice how amazing the unit can look. So naturally you’d want it spotless and sparkling, engaging their interest so they can visualize themselves in this property. Our cleaners will help you with this.

Our workers will clean your property until you’ve sold it, visiting whenever you need us, whether it be a one-time cleaning or on regularly scheduled appointments.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • Our services work amazingly well when coupled with a staging company setup.
  • If the previous tenants left a mess or an unpleasant odor, we help eliminate these by spraying pleasant fragrances.
  • We’ll dust the entire area, mop all floors, make sure carpets get vacuumed, etc.
  • We will bring out the best in your property to give it the best chance of finding a new tenant.

We also offer Bellevue real estate cleaning services as well.