Pure House Cleaning: Seattle’s Eco Cleaning Specialist

Our home is an extension of ourselves, and, like us, our house needs to breathe. Fresh air, natural light, and green cleaning practices encourage bountiful energy and good health.

Despite this, it’s been common practice for professional house cleaners to use harsh, often toxic chemicals in their cleaning process. Some may even associate these chemical smells with cleanliness. However, these chemicals produce strong, irritating odors that linger in the air for days after the home is cleaned and have been linked to the rise of allergies, asthma, and even long-term illnesses.

As one of the most-trusted green cleaning companies in the Seattle area, we use only eco-friendly products from reputable sources for the safety and health of you and your family.

Eco Cleaning in Seattle

Better for you, your home, and the planet

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy green clean today with Pure House Cleaning — your reliable, professional eco cleaning service in greater Seattle.

Better For You

Whether you’re interested in a one-time deep cleaning service or need regularly scheduled cleaning visits, give us a call. The experienced team of green cleaners in greater Seattle is ready to work around your schedule and give your home the thorough, healthy cleaning it deserves.

Better for Your Family

Keeping your home healthy and safe for your family means limiting the amount of chemicals they’re exposed to. Non-eco cleaning products may contain chemicals linked to asthma and allergies. For young ones, it’s even more important to protect them from harsh chemicals in the home during every stage of their development.

Better for Your Home

Some chemical cleaners contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that have been associated with numerous medical issues. The residue and strong odors emitted from these house cleaning products can linger in the home — in the air, on furniture, and on appliances — and builds with each additional cleaning. Choose a safer, healthier, and cleaner option with Pure House Cleaning and make the most of the protection and love your home can offer. Green cleaning products are better for you, your home, and the environment.

Green Cleaning Services Seattle Plant Leaves

Green Cleaning for the Seattle Area: The Pure House Cleaning Way

Whatever professional cleaning service you need, we’ll do it green.

  • One-time, deep cleaning. Have a special occasion coming up and want your home to sparkle? Just let us know what you’d like us to do. We’ll schedule your service with one of the experienced, local green cleaners for your Seattle-area home when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Services. Our busy lives barely give us the time to do the things we love. Call us and take house cleaning off your to-do list. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly green cleaning services for your home.
  • Move-in Cleaning. Get a fresh start when moving into a new home. The professional green cleaners will give every room a thorough cleaning before you arrive, using eco-friendly products that will leave your home looking, smelling, and feeling wonderful.
  • Move-out Cleaning. When moving out, there’s plenty to do without having to worry about cleaning up. We’ll help you leave with confidence knowing your former home will make the right impression on its new residents and won’t smell of harsh chemicals with these green cleaning services.

Pure House Cleaning: Seattle’s Eco Cleaning Service That Listens

The service is built on trust, not over-promising or overselling customers. When you first contact us for professional cleaning, we’ll put together a detailed cleaning list based on your preferences and expectations. Check the house cleaning services page for a detailed list of services we can perform in your home. Once we have your list, we’ll assign one of the experienced green cleaners in your area who matches your requirements. On the day of your cleaning service, we promise to do our best to satisfy your expectations in every way.

With Pure House Cleaning, you can be assured that no matter which cleaning service you choose, we’ll use only green cleaning products from reliable and reputable sources, including LoveHomePlanetMethodNature’s SourceEcover, and Seventh Generation.