Deep Cleaning Service

With the best house cleaners in the Washington area, our highly-rated deep cleaning service is a favorite. Clients often find value in a deep house cleaning prior to starting recurring services, to get caught up on their to-do list, or to prepare for a party or guests.

A professional deep cleaning service provides a higher level of cleaning than a standard service. A deep clean is a detail-oriented approach to every room of your home, including every corner and surface. Nothing is overlooked during the service, with areas disinfected, grout scrubbed, and more.

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What to Expect for Your Deep Cleaning Service

House Cleaner – For every cleaning service you schedule, you’ll enjoy having the same house cleaner. This allows our clients to build trust with their house cleaner and ensures they are familiar with your home, from knowledge of priorities and needs to high-traffic areas.

Green Cleaning – Every product used during your deep cleaning service is considered green. These products are effective at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces without all the harsh scents and chemicals. Traditional products can cause harm to airways and your eyes, but green products are safe for everyone in your home.

⭐️ 5-Star Service – With hundreds of five-star reviews, know that you’ll receive the best deep cleaning service. Clients love that every service is customized based on their unique needs to create their personal, exceptional clean.

Why Schedule a Deep Cleaning?

Every deep cleaning service can be customized for your home and family. The needs for a home’s deep clean can vary based on if there are children in the home, pets, and the amount of people living in the home. Services can also be customized based on personal priorities.

When you schedule a deep cleaning service with Pure House Cleaning, you can hand over your to-do list and enjoy the sparkle of a clean home.

What’s Included in a Deep Cleaning Service?

Every deep cleaning service can be customized for your home and family. The needs for a home’s deep clean can vary based on if there are children in the home, pets, and the amount of people living in the home. Services can also be customized based on personal priorities.

Deep Cleaning for your Kitchen:

Keeping the kitchen clean can be exhausting and feel like a constant task. Deep cleaning the kitchen is usually spread across weeks or months as you switch tasks to stay on top of the work. With a deep cleaning service, your house cleaner will make your kitchen sparkle. You’ll be ready to prepare your next meal without worrying about wiping down your countertops before you get started.

  • Floors scrubbed and mopped
  • Tile grout scrubbed (floors and walls)
  • Windowsills hand wiped
  • Doorknobs detail cleaned and disinfected
  • Doors and door frames hand wiped
  • Kitchen furniture hand wiped
  • Outlets and light switches hand wiped
  • Range hood cleaned inside and out
  • Drip pans or ceramic top surfaces wiped
  • Microwave wiped inside and out
  • Exterior of appliances cleaned
  • Knickknack areas cleaned
  • Fronts of cabinets hand wiped
  • Countertops cleaned
  • Top and front of stove cleaned
  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected
  • Cobwebs removed
  • General dusting
  • Garbage and recycling emptied

Deep Cleaning for your Bathroom:

Your bathroom probably is cleaned more than other rooms in your home, but it still seems to always need additional cleaning. A deep cleaning service for your bathroom includes attention to every detail, from grout on your tile floors and shower walls to wiped mirrors for a streak-free clean. If there’s mildew or mold in your bathroom, be sure to let us know. Additional cleaning for your bathroom can be personalized to your preferences and needs.

  • Floors scrubbed and detail cleaned
  • Tile grout scrubbed
  • Doorknobs detail cleaned and disinfected
  • Mildew on the walls spot cleaned
  • Shower door and tracks given extra attention
  • Doors hand wiped
  • Fronts of cabinets hand wiped
  • Windowsills hand wiped
  • Faucets, sinks, and drains cleaned and disinfected
  • Outlets and light switches hand wiped
  • Laundry room surfaces cleaned
  • Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned
  • Vanity cleaned
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned
  • Floors cleaned, carpets vacuumed
  • Toilets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Cobwebs removed
  • General dusting
  • Garbage emptied

Deep Cleaning for your Bedrooms

Clients often spend most of their day-to-day cleaning activities in their bathrooms and kitchens, with bedrooms overlooked. Deep cleaning services can provide a fresh start for your sleeping space. With so many hours spent in our bedrooms every day, dusting this space can be essential for better sleep and health, especially for those with asthma and allergies. Your house cleaner will attend to floors, wipe surfaces, and dust ceiling fans with microfiber cloths, along with other requested tasks.

  • Carpet vacuumed, hard flooring mopped
  • Carpet edges vacuumed
  • Closet floors vacuumed or mopped
  • Windowsills hand wiped
  • Furniture surfaces hand wiped
  • Doors hand wiped
  • Light fixtures dusted and wiped
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Doorknobs cleaned and disinfected
  • Outlet covers and light switches hand wiped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • General dusting

Deep Cleaning for your Living Spaces:

Having your home deep cleaned provides you with a fresh start on your to-do list. No longer worry about the dust-covered windowsills and bookshelves when guests visit or stop by unexpectedly. Your house cleaner will attend to every nook and cranny of your home during the deep cleaning service. Electronics and technology in your living spaces will only be lightly dusted. If you have specific instructions, just let your house cleaner know.

  • Floors mopped and detail cleaned
  • Carpet edges vacuumed
  • Doorknobs cleaned and disinfected
  • Doors hand wiped
  • Windowsills and ledges hand wiped
  • Pictures and decorations individually cleaned
  • Furniture surfaces hand wiped
  • Upholstery vacuumed
  • Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed
  • Books and magazines neatly organized
  • Light fixtures dusted and wiped
  • All flat surfaces hand wiped
  • Electronics dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Lamp shades dusted
  • Outlets and light switches hand wiped
  • Heavy knickknack areas dusted
  • Stairs vacuumed
  • Closet floors vacuumed
  • All accessible floors vacuumed and mopped
  • General dusting

Some other deep cleaning tasks we offer for an additional charge are:

Additional services can be added and customized based on your needs. Don’t see a task? Just ask!

  • Inside fridge cleaned
  • Inside oven cleaned
  • Blinds dusted
  • Windows cleaned from the inside
  • Baseboards hand wiped

The Pure House Cleaning Difference

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of five-star reviews, you’ll know to expect consistent and high-quality results with every deep cleaning service. Pure House Cleaning takes the time to get to know what you require through a detailed questionnaire.

Standard services ask about bedrooms in your home, bathrooms, bedrooms, and square footage. Prior to scheduling your service, you’ll also be asked about types of flooring in your home, countertop type, and more to understand everything about your needs. These questions also assist in matching you with the right house cleaner to provide you with your home’s best deep clean.

Deep Cleaning for the Surrounding Seattle Area

Deep cleaning services are available for those in Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding areas in King County. Enjoy the difference with Pure House Cleaning if you live in the service area.

Map of Seattle House Cleaning Service Area


If you haven’t had your home cleaned in a while, we recommend a deep cleaning service before signing up for recurring services. This helps provide a fresh, thorough clean before you start a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. This helps your cleaner maintain the first thorough clean instead of having to play catch-up.

While we only bring green cleaning products, we can use industrial-strength cleaners provided by you. Please provide any additional cleaning products you would like the cleaner to use, along with instructions on how you’d like them used during your service.

You want the best possible cleaning for your unique home, but what are all the factors that determine a quote? The Current Cleaning Rating of your home, like the many other crucial data points we collect (home age and surfaces, tenants in your house, etc.), allows us to tailor, match, and schedule services.

Have other questions regarding cleaning service? Check out more cleaning FAQs


“Scheduling the cleaning was easy. The house cleaner arrived on time, was very pleasant, did a great job cleaning, and was very sweet with our little dog. We’d love to have her back!”


I’ve employed various house cleaning companies over the years, and have often been disappointed with the lack of thoroughness in their cleaning technique. But I was extremely impressed with Pure House Cleaning! First of all, the cleaning person arrived ON TIME. I live in an odd location and people coming to my house for the first time often get lost. When she arrived, she was extremely polite and professional. She listened carefully to the things that were important to me, asked if there were any preferences I had for cleaning products, etc., and got right to work. When she finished cleaning, I was amazed. Everything was spotless. My house looked like new. I highly recommend this company for all your cleaning needs.