The Importance of an Annual Deep Cleaning

The Importance of an Annual Deep Cleaning

It is tempting to think that having a house cleaning service come regularly is all you need to keep your home perfectly pristine, but everyone can benefit from an occasional deep clean. 

A thorough deep cleaning helps your mental health and your home’s overall cleanliness. It can even positively impact your relationship with your faithful cleaner, helping them keep up the quality of work you both appreciate. Evaluate your home’s needs and talk to your cleaning service about a deep clean.


What Is Deep Cleaning?

Booking an annual deep cleaning service is one of the best ways to help your cleaning service stay on track in your home. Deep cleaning your home goes beyond the regular dusting and mopping your cleaning service already does on a regular basis. Some examples of what is addressed when deep cleaning your home include:

  • Refrigerator and freezer cleaning
  • Purging clutter from under sinks and in medicine cabinets
  • Dusting baseboards, ceiling fans, and high light fixtures


Is Spring Cleaning Different?

Spring cleaning is a seasonal deep cleaning that happens each year to reset a home after the winter months. Consider making spring cleaning an annual priority to help keep your house cleaning easy and manageable for your cleaning service.


5 Benefits of Deep Cleaning

There are many benefits to scheduling a deep clean for your home. Your house cleaning routine can get stale, and eventually, the little things start to pile up, so making the time to have your home deep cleaned will help your home stay clean in the long run.

Studies have shown that a clean and tidy home can positively impact your mental health. Keeping up with your house cleaning by scheduling an annual deep clean keeps the cleanliness — and your mood — in a positive place.


  1. Provide a Clean Slate

Whether you’re starting with a cleaning service for the first time or your cleaner needs a fresh canvas to avoid the two-year quality drop, a deep clean resets your home to the best version of cleanliness possible. This provides a clean slate for your cleaning service going forward.

Because deep cleaning differs from regular cleaning, you are guaranteed to see more attention to detail. A deep house cleaning goes beyond your regular maintenance tasks, which gives you a better chance of staying ahead of the mess in the future.


  1. Tackle Neglected Spaces

You probably don’t need to clean your oven every day, but after a while, the splatters and drips build up to an unsightly mess. It can be hard to dedicate time to those neglected spaces, so addressing all the forgotten spots during a specialized house cleaning can help bring everything back to its best version.

Deep cleaning also ensures your cleaning service has time to track down all the dust bunnies and wipe down all the windows that might be overlooked in a regularly scheduled cleaning. You may not see the mess every day, but uncovering it and taking care of it is what a deep cleaning service is all about.


  1. Fresh Eyes See Problem Areas

You may have a great relationship with your regular house cleaner, but your cleaning service will likely send a different maid to perform your deep clean. This feels counter-intuitive, but having a fresh set of eyes on your home can be beneficial to spot things that your cleaner has become blind to.

With spring cleaning, you naturally get more daylight and a sense of renewal after the cold months. The changing of the season may help you see things in a new light, and you’ll be happy your cleaning service is deep cleaning the dust and grime from a season of staying inside. 


  1. Improve Your Health

According to Harvard Medical School, a clean house may provide a healthier atmosphere for its residents. Good indoor hygiene can cut down on allergens that may aggravate respiratory issues. During a deep clean, your house cleaning service should address the following:

  • Pet dander
  • Drapes and bedding that may have collected dust
  • Mold in damp areas
  • Clutter that collects dust


It is also worthwhile to ask your cleaning service if they use green cleaning practices. This means they opt for eco-friendly products instead of harsh—often toxic—cleaning supplies. Improving your air quality by removing dander and dust with products that don’t add chemicals and toxins to the atmosphere makes sense.


  1. Ward Off Potential Problems

No one wants a severe problem like mold in their home, but sometimes, it can sneak up on you and become a big issue before you know it. Your house cleaning should include keeping your bathroom free of mold, but it is a good idea to allow your cleaning service to take extra time deep cleaning the bathroom to avoid a more significant problem later on.

Mold is unattractive, but it can also bring on serious health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold sensitivity can lead to various symptoms, such as wheezing and itchy skin. Avoid these problems by deep cleaning your bathroom, especially if you see mold starting to form.


Make the Most of Your Deep Cleaning with These 3 Tips

A top-to-bottom, thorough clean typically only happens a handful of times a year. Ensure that you are taking full advantage of your one-time deep cleaning. You want to concentrate a lot of work at one time to be in maintenance mode for a while after that day. 

A deep clean takes much more time and effort to make sure every nook and cranny in your home is addressed. House cleaning to this degree may feel daunting, but there are things you can do to set your cleaning service up for success.


  1. Pick Up Clutter Before Starting

Save your cleaner’s time by picking up odds and ends that are out of place. When the Seattle maid cleaning arrives for your deep house cleaning, there should not be any clutter hindering their work. This service is not like a regular cleaning — you want your cleaning service to be able to focus on the areas that are rarely cleaned.

Take some time to speed clean your home a few days before your deep cleaning is scheduled, and then make one more sweep to collect any clutter the morning of your appointment. Getting the clutter out of the way gives your cleaner a better visual with fewer distractions, so they can worry about the hidden grime instead of the random out-of-place items.


  1. Use A Detailed Task List

Provide a thorough list of what you want to see in your deep clean. Be specific in areas where you have concerns so that all of your expectations are addressed. Work with your cleaning service to construct an accurate to-do list for your deep clean.

This communication is especially important if you want to head off any issues you see starting to come up with your typical house cleaning professional. If your trusted cleaner is hitting the two-year slump, point out those areas so everyone involved knows what is expected. Your cleaning service wants you to be happy with your house cleaning, so be honest and direct about your expectations.


  1. Communicate with Your Cleaning Service

In all areas, clear and swift communication will help ensure your house cleaning is to your satisfaction. Whether it is when you notice a dip in the quality of your regularly scheduled cleaning or you first book a deep clean, address questions or concerns quickly so that everyone involved can work to ensure you are satisfied.

Deep cleaning, whether spring cleaning or just a solid reset, has many benefits. You will not regret spending the time and money to get your house in tip-top shape, and your cleaner will appreciate the clean slate to work with in the future.