Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-Free with Proper Bathroom Cleaning

Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-Free with Proper Bathroom Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than taking a shower and noticing an ominous black spot in the corner of your bathtub. While trying to get clean, you are faced with a dirty area that will take more than a quick swipe with a sponge to wipe away. Thanks to the moisture levels, mold is a common problem in bathrooms, but it is easy to remedy with proper bathroom cleaning techniques.

Getting control of a mold issue promptly is essential. If you let it fester, it can get out of control and lead to health issues. Instead, face it head-on by hiring a professional cleaning service or tackling the issue on your own. Either way, the initial clean and subsequent upkeep will keep your space squeaky clean.

What Are Mold and Mildew?

Cleaner Sprays Corner of Shower to Clean MoldMold and mildew are not uncommon in bathrooms. Mold is a member of the fungi family and can form anywhere there is oxygen and moisture; mildew refers to specific kinds of mold or fungi. Mold multiplies through microscopic spores that grow when making contact with wet surfaces, making bathrooms a prime location for mold and mildew to thrive without proper bathroom cleaning.

Bathroom mold should be avoided for several reasons:

  • Mold can be a health hazard
  • Bathroom mold can be hard to clean if it gets out of control
  • Mold is unattractive

Any bathroom cleaning routine should include cleaning and preventing mold from growing in your personal space. Prevention and upkeep help halt mold in its tracks, and sometimes, professional cleaning is helpful to get the process started. Once you have a perfectly clean bathroom, keeping it mold-free will be a breeze.

Is Bathroom Mold Dangerous?

Person Wipes Down Tile in BathroomIt is important to remove mold as soon as you notice it, not just for appearance but for your personal health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are sensitive to mold can suffer from stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes and skin.

Mold can be especially dangerous for people who have asthma. More than 25 million Americans — including 4 million children — are affected by asthma. Reducing the mold in your home can prevent asthma episodes or potentially ward off the initial onset of the disease. 

If you notice mold — especially if you already struggle with asthma or other respiratory illnesses — consider a professional one-time deep clean to get rid of the problem before your health is affected.

How Do You Get Rid of Mold?

Whether you just spotted the beginnings of mold in your bathroom or it is a problem you have had for a while, eradicating the growth with a thorough bathroom cleaning is a top priority. Take the time to deep clean your bathroom to fully remove the mold.

Baking Soda and Vinegar with Cleaning SuppliesWhen it is time to address the mold situation, gather your supplies and apply your elbow grease to get the job done. You will need:

  • Bristled brush or old toothbrush
  • Gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda

Mix your own half-vinegar/half-water solution to start the process. Spray down your surface and let the solution sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with your brush or toothbrush. Follow this up with a baking soda/water paste and spray your baking soda paste with the vinegar solution until bubbles form. At that point, scrub until the mold is gone.

Prevent Mold by Cleaning the Bathroom

Once your bathroom is mold-free, prevention becomes important to keep your space clean and healthy. Consider a regularly scheduled professional cleaning service to help keep the mold at bay. A weekly cleaning will ensure it’s being scrubbed frequently enough to prevent mold from growing back.

Proper ventilation will also help prevent mold from making a reappearance. Because mold thrives in moisture, make sure your bathroom has a proper airflow. An exhaust fan can help keep the moisture down, and you can also remove water from the shower and bathtub after every use.

Consistent bathroom cleaning and ventilation will ensure mold doesn’t have a good environment for growth. Stay on a schedule — whether you are personally cleaning or hiring a cleaning service — and your space should stay mold-free.

Are There Products to Prevent Mold?

Plumber Applies Silicone Sealant to Prevent Mold in BathroomFortunately, you are not alone in the fight against mold and mildew. In addition to the professional cleaning services on your side, several products have been developed to help prevent mold once you have gotten rid of the problem.

Sealant is usually applied in bathrooms where surfaces meet to keep out air and moisture — the two things mold needs to thrive. A silicone sealant is best because silicone is waterproof and will stay affixed to your surfaces. Some silicone sealants include fungicides that kill mold on contact.

Additionally, some paints and primers have been made to prevent mold. If you are willing to paint or are planning on a bathroom remodel, it might be worth looking into anti-mold paint for your space.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Even though your fight against mold must be thorough, you don’t have to sacrifice your health and safety at the expense of harsh chemicals. Eco-cleaning uses sustainable cleaning products that do not include harsh chemicals. Find green cleaning professionals that take this into consideration when hiring out your bathroom cleaning project.

Cleaner Wipes Down Bathroom Sink and CounterUsing products that include a lot of volatile organic compounds — also known as VOCs — can contribute to air pollution, which impacts climate change. Simple shifts in your cleaning products to avoid VOCs can make an impact beyond your household.

Additionally, harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia can contribute to allergies and worsen symptoms of asthma. You don’t want your bathroom cleaning routine to aggravate allergies and airways. Look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program to ensure your products are safe for you and the earth.

Do Professional Cleaning Services Help with Mold and Mildew Removal?

When the problem feels too big to care for on your own, a professional cleaning service can help get your mold and mildew problem under control. This could be a one-time deep clean or an ongoing service to help you prevent the growth of mold in your house. Returning home after a professional cleaning team has worked its magic is always refreshing; knowing your home is safe from mold is an added benefit.

The black spot in the corner of your bathtub may feel intimidating, but you will not regret making the time to tackle the mold issue in your bathroom. Find the time to take care of it yourself or set aside the resources to call in a professional cleaning service. Your next shower will feel much better knowing you’re bathing in a clean and safe environment.