Maintaining Quality and Longevity with Your House Cleaner

Maintaining Quality and Longevity with Your House Cleaner

It is exciting to have someone come in and clean your house on a regular basis. Knowing you don’t have to dust and mop is a relief. Hiring a cleaning service means more than just having a clean home — it’s peace of mind and less stress.

Of course, it is not worth it if standards start slipping and stress is reintroduced. That is why it is crucial to know what to expect going in and be vigilant in communicating with your cleaning service.

We understand that while having a house cleaner with you for the long haul is a blessing, it does not mean everything will be perfect each time they come to your home. Honest conversations and finding solutions to issues will help both of you. Work to maintain the relationship, and you will both be satisfied with the cleanliness of your home.


When The Relationship Is Good

Often, you will have the same house cleaner for each appointment, which means you will get to know that person well. This is an excellent setup for both you and your cleaner — you get to know and trust the person coming into your home, and that person gets to know your preferences and concerns.

The cleaning service is a professional business, which means each cleaner will do their job to the best of their ability each time. And when your relationship with your house cleaner is good, they know best what to focus on in your home and can clean it the exact way you prefer.


The 2-Year Quality Drop

Of course, your house cleaner is human, and sometimes humans make mistakes. We have specifically seen that when a house cleaner has been working in a house for about two years, the attention to detail starts to dip. This happens when they come on a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule but get bogged down by the little things here and there so that, over time, the main to-do list looks as though it’s been neglected.

Our goal is to prevent that quality drop. Switching to a new house cleaner may be tempting, but it is even better to take a step back and see how your cleaning service can bring the quality back to where it needs to be with the cleaner you trust.


Common House Cleaner Distractions That Can Lead to the 2-Year Slump

Your cleaning service will have a standard list of areas and items to clean regularly. This includes:

  • Stovetop, counters, and floors in the kitchen
  • High-touch areas in the bathrooms
  • Floors and surfaces in the bedrooms
  • All the dusting in the living spaces

But sometimes, your three-year-old Picasso takes a magic marker to the walls, and your cleaner takes extra time to remove the art. You may love having a cleaning service to help clean up the dust and dander from your pet, but if Spike is shedding, your cleaner may spend more time cleaning up after him than on their usual task list.

When you have a great relationship with your cleaner, they want to get your house as clean as possible. These little distractions here and there can add up to where your cleaning service is spending a lot of time on the anomalies at the sacrifice of normal dusting and mopping.


Scheduling a Spring Cleaning Helps Your House Cleaner and Your Home

When the usual tasks are not being done with excellence, and the one-off issues are piling up, it might be beneficial for both you and your house cleaner to consider a refreshing spring cleaning. Consider giving your cleaning service a chance to come in and completely reset your house, dusting in all the forgotten spots and giving your cleaner a blank slate to restart their regular schedule in your home.

Seasonal deep cleaning is also a gift to yourself. Spring cleaning has many benefits beyond having a clean home and a confident house cleaner.

Some of these include:

  • Lightening your mood
  • Improving your health
  • Increasing your productivity
  • Reducing your stress


What’s Involved in Spring Cleaning?

Your spring cleaning — or any deep clean — is more detailed than the usual chores your house cleaner tackles regularly. Your home should be deep cleaned seasonally to keep up with a high standard of cleanliness.

As the name suggests, spring cleaning is especially beneficial as the winter months melt away and the weather starts to warm up. With the added daylight and the increased motivation in the spring, it is easy to see the areas that have been neglected over time.

Your cleaning service will spend several hours cleaning all the nooks and crannies that get overlooked. In some cases, your regular house cleaner may not have time to invest in a deep clean of your kitchen or bathroom, but that dedicated time a team from your cleaning service spends scrubbing will help your cleaner maintain a higher standard going forward.


Who Should Do Your Spring Cleaning?

It is tempting to bring in your regular house cleaner to tackle a spring cleaning, but consider asking your cleaning service to send a different person or team not familiar with your house. 

An objective cleaner will be able to see things that your regular person may have grown blind to over time. This is not a slight against your beloved cleaner — it’s just human nature. Bringing in a new perspective will help get your house back in prime condition.


Keep Open Communication with Your Cleaning Service

As always, keeping an open and honest line of communication between you and your cleaning service is beneficial to everyone. Feel free to bring up a pattern of less-than-satisfactory work. Once everyone is aware of the standards and where they are not being met, your seattle maid service can make a plan to get your house back on track and restore your relationship with your regular professional.

It might be time to look at a new cleaner if things don’t improve. Sometimes, fresh eyes help break the cleaning rut, but trying other solutions before reaching for that last resort is always worth it. 

Your house cleaner wants you to be satisfied. After several years of them coming into your home on a regular basis, you may be hesitant to hurt feelings or rock the boat, but speak up quickly so that everyone can be proud of the hard work being done to keep your home sparkling.