Take This as a Sign: Cleaning is Good for Your Health

Take This as a Sign: Cleaning is Good for Your Health

We are always looking for the next thing that can be good for our health as we turn on the news and see the constantly changing list of things that can hurt us. The statistics seem to be ever-shifting, so what are we to believe? One thing that stays consistent is that cleaning, both the activity and the result, is good for our health.

How the Act of Weekly House Cleaning is Good for Your Physical Health

Woman Dusts Wood Furniture with Blue ClothGrowing up, you may have always been admonished to clean up for aesthetic purposes, but did you know that cleaning 10 minutes a day will positively affect your physical health? The act of cleaning has many physical benefits, and a study from OfferUp states that 61% of Americans feel “de-stressed” after they clean and tidy their spaces.

Are you looking for endorphins? Engaging in vigorous cleaning, such as mopping, dusting, or sweeping, can increase your heart rate and even get you to break a sweat. If you’ve been feeling down, triggering a release of the same feel-good chemical known to help ease anxiety and depression may help at the moment and certainly can’t hurt when done regularly, long-term, according to the Mayo Clinic.

When discussing low-impact cardio, weekly house cleaning is a fantastic place to gain these health benefits. You will reap all the rewards of a stronger heart and lungs and a clean home. Additionally, in a study done by Indiana University, it was discovered that people with clean homes were demonstrated to be healthier than those in messier domains. It’s not clear from the results whether the condition of the residence drives physical activity or whether it is the physical activity done while cleaning, but they are notable outcomes, nonetheless.

How Weekly House Cleaning is Good for Your Mental Health

The act of weekly house cleaning is good for your mental health, but the resulting clean home also benefits you. So, whether you are the one doing the weekly house cleaning or you call in the help of a professional cleaning service, take the steps necessary to improve your environment to achieve better mental health.

When discussing how to improve mental health with a clean home, let’s focus on 3 areas:

  • Clutter
  • Focus
  • Anxiety

The Link Between Clutter and Depression

Person Stands in Closet Putting clothes in Basketstudy published in “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” found that women were more likely to be fatigued and depressed if they described their homes as cluttered rather than those who would describe them as restful or restorative. Additionally, researchers found that those who lived in messy or cluttered homes had much higher cortisol levels, a stress hormone released by our adrenal glands.

Clean Homes Mean Increased Focus and Decreased Confusion and Tension

When discussing focus, the capability to channel your energy on one task and be fully absorbed in it without disruption, it was discovered that clutter and mess could disrupt it. A Princeton study found that a person’s visual cortex can be overwhelmed by seeing items not related to one’s task, so having an unkempt house can make focusing on any specific task difficult! It also increases tension and confusion, so merely existing in a house in this state will create a sense of unrest and not allow a person to achieve a sense of relaxation that will permit them to focus on more pressing matters. That’s enough to make weekly house cleaning a priority!

Reduce Your Anxiety with a Clean Home

The journal “Mindfulness” published a study that stated when people took the time to practice mindfulness when washing dishes, they reported a 27% reduction in nervousness and a 25% improvement in what was determined to be “mental inspiration.” Clean dishes and a relaxed mind – you can’t ask for more than that!

Also, studies have found that having clean sheets and making your bed is associated with a better night’s sleep. A better night’s sleep is linked to a large grouping of mental health benefits aside from an improved mood. This is why so many experts tie changing sheets to weekly house cleaning.

Can I Achieve Mental Health Mindfulness Through Cleaning?

For those who want to elevate our weekly house cleaning and make it more than a chore, we can look to Thich Nhat Hanh and his book, “The Miracle of Mindfulness.” 

In it, he teaches us ways to expand our thinking when doing:

  • Dishes
  • Sweeping
  • Laundry

Mindfulness When Washing Dishes

Woman and Child Wash Dishes TogetherIn Hanh’s book, he suggests that when washing dishes, you tune into the experience of helping the dishes transform from dirty into clean.

Focus on:
  • Your breath as you wash them
  • The water temperature on your hands
  • The feeling and smell of the soap and bubbles
  • The repetitious movement and motion of washing the dishes
  • The wondrous feeling of having clean dishes ready for your next meal

Altogether, focus on nothing but the act of washing your dishes. In Hanh’s view, when you are washing the dishes, think of nothing; focus on nothing but the act of washing the dishes. At first glance, this might seem foolish, but give it a try! Block out all your job worries and family concerns and be still and centered on washing the dishes, and see if your dish time meditation gives you some Zen!

Maintaining Mindfulness While Sweeping the Floor

Sweeping the floor tends to be a daily chore, more than a weekly house cleaning one, and rarely do we allow ourselves to feel peace when we do it. So, take a chance and try a mindfulness trick by Michael Stone, a renowned Buddhist teacher. As you sweep, think, “I sweep the floor with attentiveness, and I sweep my mind.” This can help you settle and connect with yourself.

Additionally, as you sweep your floor, let yourself explore your home! See all the corners of your house and allow a sense of wonder to settle over you as you allow yourself to complete your task mindfully.

Rediscovering Your Laundry Through Mindfulness

Have you ever walked through your house and tried to see it through an outsider’s eyes? Try this with your laundry and practice mindfulness and gratitude for all you have as you sort and place each item into the washer and dryer and while folding and putting them away.

Here are some ways to get started with laundry mindfulness:
  • Notice all the different textures of the fabrics
  • Notice the many patterns of your clothing
  • Notice how your towels feel when they are fresh from the dryer
  • Notice the colors of your clothing, perhaps alerting you to new matches when you see how different articles can work together
  • When you hang clothes to dry, try to pay attention to how wet they are and how their color or weight of them changes when they are dry or wet
  • When you pull clothes straight out of the dryer, try to be alert to how the heat feels as it emanates from the clothes and how each piece of clothing smells

Woman Sits on Couch Folding Clean ClothesAs you are folding, notice each detail as you fold, offering gratitude that you have clothing to wash and fold, towels to dry yourself with, and sheets upon which to sleep. In 2019, Chinese researchers found that the brain’s medial prefrontal cortex, the “social hub” of the brain, was influenced by how grateful the study’s participants were, which showed a direct link between gratitude and a positive impact on mental health. So, take your time and try a gratitude-filled laundry day the next time your basket is overflowing!

How Having a Clean House is Good for Your Health

Your home is your sanctuary. Once you open your door and cross your threshold, you should feel emotionally and physically safe. Completing a deep clean and then maintaining a weekly house cleaning routine, whether done by you or by an outside cleaning service, is critical to maintaining good health.

5 Ways a Clean House Works to Keep You Healthy

  1. Removes germs
  2. Improves household air quality
  3. Stop mold/mildew
  4. Increases safety
  5. Eliminate household pests

1. Eliminate Germs Where They Reside

When people talk about their weekly house cleaning, this is probably their number one consideration regarding how it keeps you healthy. Cleaning gets rid of germs! So, wash down those doorknobs, light switches, countertops, sinks, and toilets when you do your weekly house cleaning.

2. Remove Air-borne Allergens

Blue Dust Mop on White Tile FloorIf you have asthma or allergies, you are well aware of how critical it is to keep your household clear of dust, mildew, and mold because of the harsh impact on your respiratory health. But even those without lung problems can benefit from following these simple tips to improve the indoor air quality in their home:

  • Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping during your weekly house cleaning
  • Selecting indoor plants to help clear pollutants in the air
  • Allowing fresh air indoors on breezy days by opening windows

3. Prevent Mold and Mildew

We have now come to recognize the serious and, sometimes, life-threatening danger that mold and mildew can present to humans. By ensuring that you have an excellent weekly house cleaning plan or by bringing in a professional cleaning service, you will ensure that neither of these will have a chance to build up in your home.

4. Physical Safety

When we go through our house routinely, we quickly notice when things are out of place, or something is wrong with our home. Safety hazards can easily be spotted and remedied during weekly house cleaning

5. Household Pests and Their Related Issues

Weekly house cleaning, whether it is done by you or by a professional cleaning service, is the primary way to avoid unwelcome residents taking up space in your home. Aside from ants, mice, rats, fruit flies, and other assorted pests being things you don’t want in your food or home, they can also bring various diseases, such as malaria and flu, or cause allergies or skin irritation. So do yourself and your family a favor, and after a deep clean, stay on top of your cleaning to ensure you avoid such irritating visitors!

The Benefits of Using Green Cleaners

Man Cleaning Desk with Spray and ClothYou want to be healthy, and you want to use green cleaners that are safe, as well. But what precisely do they mean when they say they are “green cleaners“?

Green cleaning products typically mean that they:

  • Have no phosphates
  • Have no chlorine
  • Have no artificial fragrances
  • Have no artificial colors
  • Have biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Have organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming practices

People choose green cleaners because they don’t want to expose themselves to harsh chemicals in more traditionally manufactured cleaners. You can find green cleaners in most stores, and you can also find many DIY green cleaner recipes on the web to use during your weekly house cleaning

7 Fantastic Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products:

  1. Planet-friendly
  2. Less Packaging
  3. Fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  4. Gentler for the house
  5. Better for air quality
  6. Safe for pets and kids
  7. Effective

1. Save Planet Earth with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products!

The benefits of using green cleaners have been protecting our planet since the 1960s. Eco-friendly products have been helping to preserve our air and fight water pollution. Green cleaners reduce the number of chemicals let into the environment, and that assists in minimizing the impact on the earth’s ozone layer. 

2. Less Packaging Means Less Impact

Basket of Cleaning Supplies on Neutral BackgroundMost often, green cleaners are packaged specifically in materials designed to cut down on waste. Green cleaner manufacturers understand and embrace the savings generated by using recycled product packaging. When they cut down on raw materials used to box, bottle, and bag products, they help to save resources. Additionally, they utilize biodegradable materials to keep green packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

3. Reducing VOCs for Better Health

The EPA has linked VOCs, often found in traditional cleaning products, to respiratory disease, liver and kidney damage, and cancer. Of course, not everyone is sensitive to them, but the chemicals can aggravate those with chronic conditions.

People with ongoing medical conditions may find that switching to green cleaners can help relieve their symptoms. Of course, the green cleaners won’t address their diseases, but removing excess chemicals may make their home air quality and environment easier to live in.

4. Take Gentle Care of Your Home’s Interior

Without harsh chemicals and additives, your furniture, carpets, painted walls, and hardwood floors will breathe a sigh of relief. If you call in a professional cleaning service, ask them if they utilize green cleaners and ensure that they will show your home the same care you do.

5. Indoor Air Quality Without Lingering Chemicals

With green cleaners, you won’t have the overly perfumed scent of synthetic fragrances you get with traditional cleaners. Even though many people enjoy the smells, the fragrance compounds can aggravate existing health problems, especially if the individual has respiratory issues. With green cleaners, you can relax, knowing they have been formulated to reduce the impact on indoor air quality.

6. Floors and Surfaces are Safe for Pets and Children 

Every other cleaning product screams warnings about keeping away from pets and children, but with green cleaners, we can feel safe that no poison is being spread. With green cleaners, no chemical residue is left behind during your weekly house cleaning.

7. Green Cleaning Products Are Effective

Even without all the chemicals and additives, green cleaners do clean! These products are specially formulated to clean just as well, so you can rest assured that your house is getting cleaned without the negatives of traditionally made cleaners.

Whether you choose to do your weekly house cleaning or you want a professional cleaning service to come in, it is beneficial to your mental and physical health to live in a clean home. Pure House Cleaning serves communities in and around SeattleBellevue, and Kirkland. We would love to help you take speed cleaning off your schedule by discussing how our professional cleaning process can fit your schedule and budget. Visit our website to learn about our prices for cleaning in Seattle and other coverage areas.