Why You Should Try Weekly House Cleaning Services

Why You Should Try Weekly House Cleaning Services

Keeping your house clean has always been your top priority, but life has you running ragged. So, you’ve decided that it’s time to bring in a professional. But how can you decide whether to have someone come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

What Does Weekly House Cleaning Entail?

Gloved Hand Cleaning Bathroom Sink FaucetFor those who are on the go, entertain a lot, or work from home, weekly house cleaning may be the choice for you. A house cleaner will keep up with all the weekly chores, such as keeping your bathroom hygienic, your bed linens changed, all your items dusted, and your floors vacuumed. 

Paying for a weekly house cleaner will need to be added to your regular budget, but knowing that your house is always in guest-ready shape can give you peace of mind. Additionally, with weekly house cleaning, you and your house cleaner get to know each other and form a partnership. Finally, if you ever have extra jobs, such as quarterly deep cleans, you already have your house cleaner on your roster.

What Does Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Include?

For those that don’t need the consistency of the weekly house cleaning, a bi-weekly schedule may suit you best. Your house cleaner will do the same jobs as the weekly cleaning but will only come every two weeks. This is a more economical answer for those who might find the weekly house cleaning too expensive for their budget.

With the bi-weekly cleaning, more of the cleaning responsibilities will fall back on the homeowner, but the big house cleaning items can still be left to the house cleaner. This is ideal for the homeowner who can handle the home’s day-to-day cleaning but would still benefit from a professional coming in every two weeks to do the heavy lifting of professional cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and common rooms.

When My Home Is Cleaned Monthly, What Should I Expect?

House Cleaner Cleans Kitchen SurfacesIf you choose to get your home cleaned professionally once a month, the time spent cleaning will be longer, as the house cleaner will want to clear away all dust, dirt, and grime accumulated over the month. Therefore, the one-time cost will be higher, as the house cleaner will need to spend more time at your home, but the overall cost per month will be lower than having a weekly house cleaning.

Monthly house cleanings are ideal for those homeowners that like to clean on their own but appreciate having a professional house cleaner come in and do a complete clean, from top to bottom, once a month, in addition to the homeowner’s cleaning schedule. This will make sure that the home is spotless and hygienic.

How to Choose How Often to Have a House Cleaner Come

When choosing how often to have a professional house cleaner come to your home, it is essential to look at several things, including:

  • Time
  • House size
  • Expectations
  • Cost

Free time – How much time do you devote to cleaning your home? This is probably the leading reason people hire an outside house cleaner. Lack of available free time leads people to enlist the help of a professional house cleaner to achieve the tidy house of their dreams.

How large is the house? – At times, the size of the house needing to be cleaned is more than the homeowner can manage in the time they have. Additionally, they may have physical constraints that prevent them from being able to cover the square footage in which they live.

Managed expectations of cleanliness – Homeowners can desire a high expectation of hygienic cleanliness that only professional house cleaners can achieve. If this is the case, you will want to bring in a weekly house-cleaning team! However, if you are comfortable picking up and doing your weekly dusting and scrubbing, you may only need them bi-weekly.

House Cleaner Cleaning TableNecessary cost – Hiring professional house cleaners does come at a cost. Bringing them in weekly or bi-weekly is a lower cost, per service, than having them come monthly since the accumulated dirt and grime will be less. Only you will know your budget and ability to add a house cleaner to your monthly bills. Reviewing the reasons for hiring a house cleaner and your home’s needs will help lead you to the best schedule for your personal setup.

Why is Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning Better than Monthly Cleaning?

As mentioned earlier, when you have weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, your house cleaner can stay on top of tasks, and your home will stay healthier overall. However, there are other reasons to have your house cleaner visit more frequently, like:

  • Accountability
  • Self-care
  • Maintenance
  • Finances 

Holding yourself accountable

We all think we can keep ourselves accountable. Still, that mail piles up on the table, those buttons gather in the dish under the microwave, and before we know it, our house is cluttered with junk again. Having a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service will keep you picking up regularly before your house becomes a disaster zone.

Allow yourself some weekly self-care

Did you know that two of the scents most commonly found in cleaning products, lemon, and pine, have been scientifically proven to make us happier? So not only will your house be clean, but you’ll be left feeling uplifted with our eco-friendly cleaners (don’t worry, though; no harsh chemical scents or residue will be left behind).

Maintain a consistent state of cleanliness

Freshly Cleaned HomeWhen your house cleaner comes for a weekly housecleaning or bi-weekly one, less dust and allergens will have time to accumulate. You’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness of your house between cleans easier than if you signed on for monthly cleanings. 

Budget-friendly for the finances

Weekly house cleaning and bi-weekly ones tend to be 10-25% less than monthly options. The house cleaners can spend less time working on deep dirt and grime because the house is constantly being maintained.

Getting a professional house cleaner is a wise choice for any homeowner. Trying to decide what schedule to get is a big decision. For the discerning homeowner, the weekly or biweekly schedule tends to be the best to stay on top of dirt, dust, and allergens that might bother the home’s occupants. Contact us to see when we can set you up with one of our local, Seattle-area house cleaners that’s right for you!