What Are the Benefits of Having a Weekly Cleaning Service?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Weekly Cleaning Service?

Weekly house cleaning has been falling by the wayside, as your days are packed, and your weekends are even busier. You’ve been considering hiring a weekly cleaning service to help get your house under control but aren’t sure that you want weekly cleaners added to your list of bills. So, what are the benefits of weekly house cleaning and having a weekly cleaning service?

Why is Weekly House Cleaning Important?

Everyone likes a clean house, but did you know that there’s more to it than just aesthetics? Your mom was onto something when she told you to pick up after yourself. Why is it so critical to keep your house clean?

Person cleans a door handle5 Reasons Weekly House Cleaning is Vital: 

  1. Allergies
  2. Sleep
  3. Exercise
  4. Relationships
  5. Organization

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Allergens

Weekly house cleaning helps remove dust (and pet dander if you have a pet) from the home. Dust, dirt, and dander are the primary causes of asthma and several allergies, according to the American Lung Association. Allergies and asthma can lead to respiratory tract distress and severe lung diseases.

Additionally, weekly house cleaning can assist you in spotting any mildew or mold before it becomes an issue. Therefore, it is a good idea to do a deep cleaning to ensure everything is thoroughly clean and then commence weekly house cleaning from there.

Better Sleep at Night in a Clean Home

During your weekly house cleaning, it is of primary importance to change your sheetsexperts agreeIf you don’t wash your sheets regularly, you expose yourself to bacteria and dirt that can trigger or cause skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis. You might even pick up an infection if you have a small cut or opening on your body and your sheets are dirty. Other possible effects of not changing your bed sheets frequently enough could be allergy symptoms, sheets that smell, and poor sleep quality.

Weekly House Cleaning for Exercise

Dust mop on wood floorIt may not be running a marathon, and you may not be able to count it as the best cardio activity when you’re checking in with your doctor, but it sure beats sitting on the couch! Turn on some music and let yourself break a sweat during your weekly house cleaning – you’re sure to burn some calories.

Foster Healthier Relationships

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The family that cleans together stays together?” No? Well, now you have. In a 2016 study, fighting over chores was listed as one of the top causes of divorce. Not only that, but another study showed that couples that share chores are happier. So, weekly house cleaning gives you a cleaner house, and you and your family will be happier together, sharing the chores equally.

Organized Living Helps Lessen Stress

When you perform weekly house cleaning, you are not only maintaining your home and removing dirt and grime but also clearing clutter. As Louise Smith says, “You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.” 

Clutter can trigger anxiety symptoms because it can be a reminder of a to-do list that is never finished. It can also be anxiety provoking and frustrating when you can never find what you are looking for because all your spaces are filled with junk, and your cabinets are overflowing. Deciding on a system of organization can go a long way to giving you a sense of peace.

7 Ways Clearing Clutter Can Improve Your Mental Health:

  1. Control
  2. Achievement
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stop procrastination
  5. Release
  6. Chance to grieve
  7. New room

Clearing out Clutter Provides a Sense of Agency

Woman declutters closetWhen you decide to clear out the clutter and organize your living spaces, you get a sense of control over your life. Even if you only tackle the pile of papers on your kitchen counter one week when doing your weekly house cleaning and then face that stack on your desk during the next weekly house cleaning, it will help you feel more powerful in your ability to conquer obstacles.

An Awareness of Achievement When Junk is Removed from Your Space

When conquering clutter, each step forward gives you a tangible sense of achievement. You can immediately see your success and know you have made a difference. How many things in life give us that sense of success?

Reduced Clutter Equals an Immediate Reduction in Anxiety

Rarely will you find an exercise that will give you such a fast result as when you clear away clutter and build-up of junk in your house. During your weekly house cleaning, mark areas with clutter build-ups and choose one or more to tackle each week. Before you know it, your home will be free of all clutter zones, and you will find yourself breathing easier!

Turn “Not Now” Into “Get It Done”

Procrastination is what got you into the cluttered mess. When you think about procrastination, it comes from a space of helplessness, not knowing what to do. So, tackle your clutter head-on – make decisions when faced with each pile and move on.

Let Your Past Go and Say Goodbye to Clutter

It’s tempting to hang on to everything from our past, especially if looking at them brings us joy. Make yourself a deal and only hang onto those few things you can easily pack away or actively use. For those other items just hanging around and cluttering your present life, take a photo of them and put them in an album named “Nostalgia” so that you can look at them any time you like, but they won’t clutter your home. If they might be of use to others, donate them, and consider the joy they might bring to those individuals.

Give Yourself the Space to Grieve

Organizing your home and clearing out all the excess junk and clutter is more than just a physical task. It can be emotionally draining. Make sure to give yourself permission and space to grieve what you are parting with.

Allowing Room for New Things

Empty bright roomNow that the clutter is gone and your home is an organizational dream, if new things come your way, you have room to bring them into your home!

13 Benefits of Having a Weekly Cleaning Service

We have already discussed the many benefits of weekly house cleaning, but hiring a weekly cleaning service provides an entirely different host of benefits. As versed as you may be in all the different weekly cleaners you utilize, a professional weekly cleaning service has the experience and expertise to make your house sparkle and shine on an elevated plane.

Here are 13 benefits of hiring a professional weekly cleaning service to help bring a new level of cleaning to your home:

  1. Indoor air quality
  2. Reclaim time off
  3. Savings
  4. Right tools and products
  5. Timesaving
  6. Hidden spaces
  7. Spotless bathrooms
  8. Deep clean
  9. Dust
  10. Protecting the vulnerable
  11. Entertainment
  12. Home as a haven
  13. Family time

1. Remove Indoor Allergens and Dirt

We all want to think that our houses wouldn’t hurt us, but the air within our homes is often filled with allergens, dirt, and dander that we need to filter out. Hiring weekly cleaners to do a deep cleaning of all your area rugs, drapes, blinds, and upholstered furniture will give you a fresh start. Then, you can start a regular weekly cleaning service schedule, knowing that your home’s air is circulating without excess dirt and pet dander.

2. Use Your Off Time as Your Time

Woman teaches child to ride a bikeYou work hard, and when you have time off, do you really want to use it to clean your house? Instead, use your downtime in enjoyable ways, whether connecting with friends and family, developing a new hobby, exercising, or whatever else may spark your interest. Leave the weekly house cleaning in the capable hands of a weekly cleaning service.

3. A Weekly Cleaning Service Can Save Your Home Items’ Value

Carpets, drapes, and blinds require regular cleaning to prevent deterioration and retain longevity. While these do not need to be maintained by weekly house cleaning, having a weekly cleaning service means that you can have their maintenance added to a set schedule. You will have weekly cleaners using professional equipment to clean them during the weekly house cleaning for regular care. In addition, when deep cleaning is required, professional weekly cleaners will be on-site to take care of them.

4. Professional Tools for a Professional Job

No matter how much you like to clean or how many products you buy, your weekly house cleaning will never match the weekly cleaning service’s care and expertise because they are professionals. This is what they do, and they take pride in knowing the latest products on the market, industry trends, and news. 

At Pure House Cleaning, for example, we use all green cleaning products and vacuums with HEPA filtration systems to give you a good, eco-friendly clean that can improve your life. So, allow the expert weekly cleaners to show you the difference experience makes.

5. Weekly House Cleaning Service Saves You Time

Above and beyond you not having to do the cleaning, the weekly cleaning service will also get your weekly house cleaning done in less time. Why? Because they are professionals and can work quickly and efficiently to get your house sparkling. 

6. Cleaning All the Spaces You Might Miss

When was the last time you got on your hands and knees and checked the baseboard behind your couch? When you hire a weekly cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that all the baseboards, hidden nooks, and crannies that you might forget to clean (or choose to ignore! Did I say that?) during your weekly chores will be found and cleaned.

7. Bathrooms Left Sparkling

clean modern bathroomAccording to a survey by the New York Post, cleaning the toilet ranked as America’s most disliked chore. So put it into the hands of your weekly cleaning service and do things you enjoy instead. You’ll come home to a gleaming bathroom!

8. Time For a Deep Clean

Weekly cleaners will keep your house in tip-top shape for day-to-day living, but it is essential to do a deep clean from time to time. Coordinate with your weekly cleaning service about the best time for your home to do a deep clean to keep your house in its optimum, healthiest shape.

9. Dust Bowl, Be Gone

Dust, a mixture of pollen, bacteria, fragments of human and animal skin cells, hair, and various other pieces of dirt, smoke, and grime, has been the bane of weekly cleaners everywhere since the beginning of time. Your weekly cleaning service will have the best products and tools to remove the dust from your home and keep your surfaces shining.

10. Caring For All Members of Your Family

We have touched upon the dangers of having contaminated air, air that has dust, dirt, and allergens circulating within it. Babies, young children, the elderly, and those with immune deficiencies or asthma are particularly at risk from the poorly filtered air. A weekly cleaning service helps ensure that your air quality is at the top of its game.

11. Ready to Party

When you have a weekly cleaning service, you can count on having your house in shape for entertaining guests at any time. Your weekly cleaners are your dedicated partners in having a beautiful home ready to showcase for family and friends.

12. Your Home is Your Haven

A family of four enjoys time in their living roomYour home should be your safe space, your haven, not a burden. Entering your home after a hard day at work, you shouldn’t be greeted by even more things you need to get done. Hiring weekly cleaners will allow you to delegate the weekly house cleaning to a weekly cleaning service and allow you the chance to breathe when you arrive home, comfortable in the knowledge that the health of your home is in good hands.

13. Family Time is Truly Family Time

Instead of long to-do cleaning lists for each family member, you can all use your time to play board games, hike, or watch movies. There are much better ways for families to bond instead of over the vacuum. Hire weekly cleaners, leave the weekly house cleaning to the professionals, and head out for a bike ride with your kids.

A weekly cleaning service will keep your house healthy and allow you to spend more time on yourself and with your family and friends. Pure House Cleaning serves communities in and around Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland to help keep your home looking and feeling its best with cleaning that fits your schedule and budget. Visit our website to discover more about our cleaning process, cleaning prices in Seattle, other coverage areas, and more.