Scheduling House Cleanings: How Long Does It Take to Clean a Home?

Scheduling House Cleanings: How Long Does It Take to Clean a Home?

Cleaning is both a science and an art. It’s not just about scrubbing surfaces and tidying up spaces; it’s about managing time effectively to ensure each cleaning task is completed efficiently. Professional house cleaners understand the time required for different types of cleaning services, which is essential for providing quality service and maximizing productivity. 

The importance of maintaining a clean space cannot be overstated. A clean environment not only looks great, but it contributes to positive physical and mental health. A sanitized home is crucial for preventing the spread of illnesses, and a tidy space allows you to focus on more important things than clutter. But with a busy schedule, it can be tricky to plan for your cleaning services, so we’ll walk you through how long you can expect different jobs to take. 

Top 3 Time Considerations When Scheduling Your Professional Cleaning Service

Person Scrubs Tile GroutWhen considering your schedule for the types of cleaning jobs you may need, it’s important to factor in the size of your space, the duration and type of job, and the level of detail needed to get your home from grubby to sparkling. It’s also wise to consider the amount of work needed – a routine house cleaning in a small to medium-sized home, for example, may only take a handful of hours, while a cleaning service for after a home renovation could take days. 

When setting up your cleaning service schedule, each of these things will factor into the time it will take your house cleaner to get the space clean.

1. House Size Plays a Role in Cleaning Time

While it may seem obvious, the size of your home will be a major factor when it comes to how long a cleaning will take. In most cases, a home with 4.5 bathrooms is going to take a lot more scrubbing time than a 1-bedroom apartment. If the job is large, consider hiring a team instead of a single house cleaner to make the work go quicker.

2. Regularly Scheduled vs. Occasional Cleaning Services

Person Wipes Down Toilet BowlIf you have your home cleaned regularly, services usually go faster than if the home hasn’t been thoroughly scrubbed in a while. Frequent cleanings prevent the buildup of grime, like soap scum, making it quick work to maintain a pristine environment. 

On the other hand, one-time services like deep cleanings usually tackle the big projects that haven’t been tended to in a while, meaning that it takes longer to work through the whole list than if the areas only needed light dusting. Instead of a few hours, deep cleanings can take a full day of dedicated scrubbing.

Some tasks that may be on a deep clean list are: 

  • Window washing
  • Cleaning HVAC covers
  • Cleaning inside appliances
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Wiping down cabinets

3. Specialty Cleaning Services

Person Uses Broom to Sweep Up Construction DebrisTraditional home cleanings aside, professional house cleaners can also help you with specialty tasks. Some of these include post-construction cleanup after a renovation or move-in or move-out cleanings. 

The pros are trained to tackle the dust and debris left behind once a home improvement task is completed, but depending on the scope of the project, you may need to allot a couple of days for this thorough job. Move-in and move-out deep cleaning services typically take a day and will leave the home in move-in-ready condition. 

Pure House Cleaning Time Estimates

When you schedule a cleaning service with Pure House Cleaning, we take all these things into consideration. For a recurring cleaning, we’ll take home size, current cleanliness levels, and how often the home will be cleaned into account. 

For our regularly scheduled cleanings, house cleaners are usually able to tackle the job in 3 to 6 hours. There are morning and afternoon windows for scheduling these green cleaning services, allowing the trusted house cleaner time to do a thorough job and for you to choose which time slot works best.

For larger projects like spring cleanings, we estimate that the job will take a full day. For these jobs, a team can be sent out if needed. When scheduling a one-time or deep cleaning, be prepared for the time commitment to ensure the house cleaners can get to every corner of the home.

Tips for Managing Your Time When Cleaning Your Own Home

Person Dust Mopping Bedroom FloorSetting a realistic timeline for yourself is the key to staying on track. If you’re opting to tackle your home cleaning needs on your own, you can stay on schedule and minimize time spent cleaning by following a few simple tips.

Efficient House Cleaning Tip #1: Organize by Task

One really easy way to keep your schedule going during a house cleaning is to keep things organized by the type of cleaning task. For example, you could start by dusting everything in the house, then move on to wiping down all horizontal surfaces in the house, then vacuum all the floors, etc. This can help you stay focused and encourages productivity.

Starting with a list of how you want to tackle things is helpful, but make sure there is some logic to your list. It’s a great idea to always do floors last and to work from the ceiling down, ensuring you don’t miss a spot and you never have to repeat tasks. 

Efficient House Cleaning Tip #2: Work by Room Type

Another great way to stay on schedule when you clean is to tackle one room type at a time. This helps your efficiency because you don’t spend as much time switching cleaning products and putting away certain supplies just to get them back out in a few minutes. 

When using this method, the order of the room type is up to you. If you want to get the more tedious cleaning services out of the way, consider doing all of the difficult rooms first.

The order of the room types may differ, but the following rooms should be grouped together: 

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens and dining rooms 
  • Offices and workshops
  • Bedrooms 
  • Common living areas

Efficient House Cleaning Tip #3: Go One Room at a Time

Woman Cleans Kitchen CounterIf going by room types isn’t working for you, another main method of organizing house cleaning is to simply focus on one room at a time. This can be helpful for people who have a hard time seeing the finish line or who might feel a bit overwhelmed. Start and finish one room, then move on to the next without having to worry about turning around.

Organization is the key to success, and staying on schedule is essential for providing timely and exceptional house cleaning, whether you’re hiring a professional house cleaner or opting to DIY. Make a list of all the cleaning services needed, then consider assigning a time goal to each task. Times for different house cleaning jobs will vary greatly according to the size and cleanliness of the home, but knowing what to expect can help you schedule the job for a time that suits your needs.