How Are House Cleaning Service Prices Calculated?

How Are House Cleaning Service Prices Calculated?

You care about the hygienic health of yourself, your family, and your pets, but life gets busy. That’s why you’ve determined that a house cleaning service is just what you need! You’ve called around to find out what the prices of cleaning services might be, and you were initially surprised. What makes up the cost of house cleaning?

What are the Factors that go into Setting a Cleaning Service Price?

Gloved Cleaner Wipes Down Stove TopEvery service is different, but there are set criteria used to determine house cleaning cost. When determining the price, you might want to check with your prospective house cleaning service and ask which they are using to see if the price point is better or worse for you.

Factors used for determining the cost of house cleaning might be:

  • Home size
  • Number of house cleaners
  • Location

Additionally, if you are looking for another type of house cleaning service beyond a standard clean, that will be a separate cleaning service price

Those types of house cleaning services might be:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Move-in cleaning
  • Special-event cleaning
  • Green cleaning

Does it Cost More to Hire a House Cleaning Service in Different Cities?

Cleaner Scrubs Porcelain Sink with BrushSurprisingly, the cost of house cleaning doesn’t vary much by region or state, with the prices of cleaning services in most areas close to the national average of $170. However, even given that, the cost of housecleaning may be higher based on the general living expenses in any given area. Also, housecleaning costs tend to increase in areas with large homes with multiple bedrooms and baths rather than smaller apartments and condos.

When looking at a chart of expenses across the United States, New York and Atlanta came out with the highest averages of prices of cleaning services hovering around $115-$235 on average, with Miami and Chicago on the lower end, ranging from $90-$180. 

What Does it Cost for Me to Clean My Own Home?

When deciding if the prices for Maid service available in Seattle are beneficial or if you should dig deep and clean your own house, it’s worth looking at the price of doing the cleaning yourself. While you won’t be paying the hourly cost of house cleaning, you will still need to purchase cleaning supplies, which can run about $40-$50 a month, depending on which ones you select.

Your next decision comes down to how much your time is worth. If you can straighten your house in between scheduled cleanings, you will make the most of the time your house cleaning service spends at your home.

What are the Methods of Determining Prices for House Cleaning Services?

Cleaner Uses Upholstery Vacuum on CouchPrices for housecleaning services can be determined in many different ways. Is the housecleaning service a company, or is it comprised of individuals? Do they do basic cleans, or do they offer many different services, such as green cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleanings, and other prospective services? Are you paying for experience and training, as well as the cost of housecleaning

Let’s look at a few broad categories to learn how house cleaning service prices may be configured:

  • Type of service
  • Square footage
  • Frequency
  • Cleaners Experience
  • Your Location

What Service is Required

If you are requesting a basic house cleaning service, this is the simplest and lowest-priced of cleaning services. Seattle area average for this falls between $150  and $220  per visit. Your house cleaner will come in and do a light dusting and clean counters, floors, and bathrooms. 

If you require a deep clean, this can cost more than twice that of a standard clean, as it requires a lot of detail work. However, looking at the deep or spring house cleaning across the Greater Seattle area, the price for a deep clean can fall between $280 and $1300. And when you look at special services such as a move-in and move-out clean, this will cover the entire property, and its price of $250-$1200 reflects the amount of detail it requires.

House Cleaning Service Price by Square Foot

Cleaner Arrives with Bucket of SuppliesWhile most house cleaning services will charge by the hour or give you a total quote based on the number of rooms your home has, some will charge by the square foot. The higher the square footage the house cleaning service needs to clean, the higher your overall cost will be. Generally, the basic services will cost between $0.08 and $0.10 per square foot. Doing a deep clean will be more expensive, going up to $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot.

How Many Scheduled Cleanings?

Another determination for the cost of cleaning services is how often will your house cleaning service be visiting your home. If you have never utilized a house cleaning service before, you may desire a deep clean for your first visit so that you can start your cleaning journey with your house sparkling and hygienic! 

After that, setting up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings will be your more economical choice. This is because the more frequently your house cleaning service visits your home, the less dust, dirt, and debris can build up, so they will tend to charge less per visit. 

As you can see, many factors can go into setting prices for house cleaning services. If you want to see what a house cleaning service can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact Pure House Cleaning. Pure House Cleaning, serving communities in and around Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland, would like to help keep your home sparkling with cleaning that fits your schedule and budget. Check out our website to discover more about our cleaning process, prices for cleaning in Seattle and other coverage areas, and more.