Complementing Your Scheduled Cleanings with Robot Vacuums

Complementing Your Scheduled Cleanings with Robot Vacuums

You come home from an exhausting day at work, throw yourself on the couch, and look down at the floor. Then, sighing, you notice that it’s covered with dog hair, dust, and crumbs from breakfast. So, when you want to relax, you need to get up and sweep the floor because it certainly can’t wait until your scheduled cleaning day

If only there were something that could assist you between your monthly cleanings and your weekly cleanings to keep your house in optimal shape. Enter your robotic vacuum!

What are Robotic Vacuums, and How Do They Work?

Robot Vacuum on Hardwood Floorrobotic vacuum is a self-propelled floor cleaner that uses brushes, a rotating brush, or an air-driven turbine to pick up dust, dirt, and debris from hard floors and rugs. They can work on their own without any human intervention.

Robotic vacuums can detect obstacles in their way, such as furniture, doorways, and stairs, via sensors. Less expensive models will map your floor using physical boundary stripes, while higher-end models will use infrared lasers to navigate the spaces they are cleaning. Regardless of the sensor type, robot vacuums can detect obstacles, measure the distance they have traveled, detect potential hazards, and locate new areas to clean.

These vacuums can be corded or cordless, have different brushes for different surfaces, and run on electricity or rechargeable batteries. They are like a robotic house cleaner service!

Can Robot Vacuums Keep My Home Cleaner Than a Housecleaner Service?

In a word, no. However, there are many robot vacuums on the market that can assist you in keeping your house significantly cleaner between scheduled cleanings than if you did not utilize one. In addition, when using one, you will be reducing excess pet dander, allergens, dirt, and dust, which can affect the respiratory system. 

Man Powers On Robot VacuumRobotic vacuums operate much like a traditional vacuum, though there are several benefits that they have:

  • Independent – can move on its own
  • Durable – has a sturdy casing designed to withstand bumping into furniture
  • Compact – can fit under furniture
  • Intelligent – same technology as devices used to clear land mines

Along with all those characteristics, they are also quite speedy. All that is needed from you is to turn it on (or program it on a schedule) and let it go.

How Do I Know if a Robot Vacuum Is Right For Me?

Two Women Set Up a Smart Robot VacuumWhen researching robot vacuums, there are a few things to contemplate when deciding if they are suitable for you. If you’ve already signed on with a house cleaner service, you know that a clean house is important to you. A robot vacuum cleaner may be the perfect “between scheduled cleanings” item that you need. By turning it on and letting it go, you are minimizing dirt, dust, and debris and not allowing allergens to take root in your house. In addition, your weekly cleaning will go much faster without the extra debris!

However, if you have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, that is nervous around vacuum cleaners; you may want to consider whether having a robot vacuum may be too upsetting for them. It may take some time and training to get them used to it. Before laying out a considerable expense for one of the higher-grade robot vacuums, you may want to try one of the less expensive options or see if you can borrow one to test your pet’s reaction to it.

How Do I Select the Correct Robot Vacuum for My Needs?

When deciding which robot vacuum is right for you, there are several things to consider. For example, how often do you have scheduled cleaning with your house cleaner service? Do you have weekly cleanings? Monthly cleanings? All of this matters when you consider how often you will want to utilize your robot vacuum. 

There are many variables when looking at the vast array of robot vacuums on the market. Some people look at the battery life, while others may care more about the robot vacuum’s ability to navigate around pet waste. They even have some that can empty their own dustbins! 

Robot Vacuum on ChargerWhat are the prime considerations that people look at when purchasing robot vacuums?

  • Battery life
  • Ability to negotiate obstacles
  • Self-emptying dustbins
  • Mopping capability
  • Added security camera feature
  • Suction ability
  • Price

Are Robot Vacuums Worth the Expense?

Many people see the high price tag on the robot vacuums and immediately take a pause. Are they worth the high cost when you already utilize a housekeeping service? Robot vacuums can cost more than traditional ones, with prices ranging from just under $200 to over $1,500. That’s quite an investment for a cleaning product.

Depending on your house size, the task of vacuuming during your weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning might take you anywhere from several minutes to hours. That’s a pretty sizable time saving, and your time is worth money. And while they may seem like a toy to you, they are all business and operate with the same veracity as a manual vacuum. But, unlike a traditional vacuum, they can get under and around furniture without you having to move it.

Robots Running Wi-Fi – Why Does That Matter?

Woman Programs Robot VacuumThe newer models of robot vacuums also can utilize Wi-Fi. So, what does that mean to you? First, that allows you to program and control your robot vacuum from your smartphone or voice via your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Additionally, connected bots will typically generate statistics and maps of each area they clean. This means they can create personalized floor plans, allowing specific rooms to be targeted for scheduled cleaning and ending the need for you to section off areas of your home.

Some of the most advanced models have cameras and artificial intelligence technology to automatically identify and then avoid obstacles such as toys, shoes, and, yes, pet waste. Some of the premium models also function as moving home security cameras, allowing you to view live video of your home while you are away.

Why Do I Need a Housecleaner Service If I Have a Robot Vacuum?

Now that you have carefully selected and bought a robot vacuum, you may think there is no longer any reason to get scheduled cleanings from a Multiple maid services Seattle. But that’s not the case! Although a robot vacuum can automatically pick up dirt, dust, and debris, it does not replace the care that weekly cleanings or monthly cleanings serve to your house. These only vacuum; they do not take care of the myriad other things that a housecleaning service takes care of.

When you clean your house on a regularly scheduled cleaning basis, you ensure that mold, mildew, and allergens don’t take root and that your house remains clean, sanitary, and hygienic. Hiring a professional housecleaner service is the best way to make sure your home is as healthy as possible!

To have the cleanest home possible, partner your robotic cleaner with scheduled cleanings from a professional housecleaner service. Whether you are looking for weekly cleanings or monthly cleanings, Pure House Cleaning serves communities in and around Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland. Pure House Cleaning helps to keep your home looking and feeling its best with eco-friendly, scheduled cleaning that will fit your schedule and budget. Check out our website to discover more about our cleaning process, prices for cleaning in Seattle and other coverage areas, and much more.

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