What’s the Difference Between Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

What’s the Difference Between Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

While humans do not technically hibernate in the winter, there is a sense of awakening that happens when the snow melts, and spring starts to bloom. Part of that awakening may include looking around your house and realizing there is much work to be done.

Whether you are specifically spring cleaning or tackling the in-depth cleaning jobs at different times of the year, deep cleaning your home should be considered an essential task at any time during the year.


What Is Spring Cleaning?

As the name suggests, spring cleaning is the concentrated effort to clean your house in the springtime. Winters can be brutal on your clean home. Everyone is staying inside more frequently, and less daylight often means less energy to clean anything thoroughly.

After a winter of lethargy and indoor activities, spring cleaning is the practice of welcoming a new season with a fresh start in your home. This is often brought on by a spurt of energy as the seasons change, and it’s important not to squander the opportunity to get your house clean.

A clean home also brings improved mental health. About 10 million Americans experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which is a form of depression that comes on in the fall and winter months. Spring cleaning can help signal to your body and mind that warmer days are coming and it is time to get your cleaning schedule back up and running.


The History of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is more than a logical step after a cold winter. The tradition has deep religious roots of different belief systems cleaning in preparation for springtime holidays:

  • Jewish people clean before Passover
  • Catholics prepare the church altar before Good Friday
  • Greek Orthodox church members clean house for a week leading up to Lent
  • Nowruz — or Persian New Year in Iran — has a 13-day celebration that involves cleaning, referred to as “shaking the house”

In the Victorian era, when coal was the primary heat source in the winter, spring cleaning was necessary to get the dust and grime off of everything in the house. English journalist Isabella Beeton wrote in “The Book of Household Management” that “Spring is the usual period for house-cleaning…”


What Is Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, regardless of the season, is cleaning areas and performing tasks that are not a part of your standard cleaning schedule. Deep cleaning is the opportunity to scrub the crevices you usually miss and remove the dirt trapped in areas where you typically do not look.

Fortunately, deep cleaning is not something you must do often if you are good at maintaining decent cleanliness between deep cleans. You may only need to do it a few times a year — seasonally or around special occasions — so that you can switch to maintenance mode for the majority of the time.

Because deep cleaning is a more in-depth job, it’s vital to set aside the appropriate amount of time and make a plan before diving in. Pick up the clutter, gather your supplies, and take a day or two to thoroughly address your house.


Spring Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

When it is all said and done, there is not much difference between spring cleaning and deep cleaning. Spring cleaning is, in fact, a type of deep cleaning that happens at a specific time of year.

Some may say that, depending on your goals, spring cleaning could take less or more time than any other kind of deep cleaning. Suppose you are primarily concerned with getting your house back in order after a stale winter. In that case, you may want to avoid moving appliances to clean the floor underneath, like some might do when deep cleaning.


Why You Might Need a Deep Clean

Your home may need the occasional deep clean reset a couple of times a year, but there are also special occasions when you could use more concentrated cleaning. For example, if you are moving into or moving out of a house, consider thoroughly deep cleaning the space. 

Spring cleaning may also help with your health. Being in a stuffy house for a season could lead to poor air quality as the dust settles throughout your home. A complete deep cleaning can help get rid of the dust and improve your respiratory health.

Aside from the simple dust accumulation, deep cleaning helps address bacteria and viruses that can spread throughout your home. A thorough scrubbing could be beneficial if you or a family member has been sick and you want to prevent those germs from spreading. 


5 Spaces to Deep Clean Throughout Your House

Your deep clean, by definition, will address most, if not all, nooks and crannies of your house. Before getting started, remove any clutter and give yourself access to all the areas where dust may have accumulated. 

Each room should be specifically addressed when you are deep cleaning. As each space has its unique uses, it will also have a specialized punch list to make sure the job is thorough.


1. Living Spaces

It is important to ensure the spaces you use most often to entertain and relax are clean and ready for any activity. From living rooms to dens, man caves to foyers, these living spaces need to be in prime condition for having people over or simply taking time to chill after a long day.

Spring cleaning your living spaces includes more than just the basic tasks. When deep cleaning, you will go above and beyond by wiping each picture and decoration, vacuuming the upholstery, and dusting the light fixtures. You will feel a wave of relief when these rooms are sparkling. 


2. Kitchen

The kitchen is one room that is incredibly important to keep clean, but it is also one of the rooms that get dirty very quickly. A deep clean of the kitchen will make it sanitary for meal prep and a pleasant place to work.

A kitchen cleaning checklist will help make sure all the necessary tasks are taken care of. In addition to the regular tasks of mopping the floor, picking up the clutter, and taking care of the dishes, a deep clean will include additional to-dos like wiping the range hood inside and out, scrubbing tile grout, and washing drip pans.


3. Bathroom

Like the kitchen, it is crucial yet slightly more challenging to keep the bathrooms in your house clean. Clean your bathroom like a professional regularly to keep up with the grime throughout the year. 

It’s wise to deep clean your bathroom a few times a year. By attacking any creeping mildew, disinfecting your faucets and drains, and giving extra attention to your shower door and tracks, you will keep your bathroom sanitary and safe.


4. Bedroom

Less daylight and cold mornings make it hard to get out of bed in winter, so it is even more necessary to deep clean your bedroom once spring arrives. In addition to the typical vacuuming and dusting, you will want to dust off your ceiling fans, disinfect doorknobs, and remove any cobwebs that have surfaced.

Take this opportunity to wash and organize your sheets so that you always have access to a clean set. Spring cleaning is also an excellent time to organize your clothes by removing what you haven’t worn or what doesn’t fit. Start spring fresh with a tidy and organized room to relax in.


5. Other Areas to Deep Clean

As you move through your home during your spring cleaning, be sure to address fixtures and building elements that are present in every room. Some of these tasks include:

  • Dusting the blinds
  • Cleaning windows inside and out
  • Hand-wiping the baseboards
  • Cleaning out the inside of major appliances


If you are working with a cleaning company, these tasks may incur an additional charge. Be sure to ask ahead of time to make sure everything you want done is on their list.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional

You may want to tackle spring cleaning on your own, but there are benefits to hiring a cleaning service. Hiring a professional to take care of your spring cleaning is a gift to yourself, giving you time so yo don’t have to spend your precious moments with a mop and bucket in hand.

Because professionals clean on a daily basis, they are efficient and skilled at deep cleaning. A cleaning company may also know more about green cleaning products to keep you and your family safe from harsh chemicals.

Even with a one-time cleaning, hiring a professional can give you a leg up so your house is sparkling and sanitary.


How To Keep Up with Your Clean House

Now that your house has been deep cleaned, get into a rhythm of keeping up with it. By maintaining your clean home on the front end, you can reduce the frequency you have to deep clean.

Consider hiring a professional seattle wa maid service on a regular basis to help you keep your home sparkling. Evaluate professional prices and talk with the company to see what is best for you. On top of one-time services, there are several schedules to choose from:


Whether you are getting ready for spring cleaning or you have other deep cleaning projects in mind, you will feel relieved when your chores are finished. Confidently walk into your cleaning task with a checklist in hand or a professional by your side to get the job done.