What To Do with Your Pets When the House Cleaner Comes and Other Considerations

What To Do with Your Pets When the House Cleaner Comes and Other Considerations

A clean and tidy home can be essential for maintaining our mental, emotional, and physical well-being – especially for pet owners. And considering a recent survey by Trane, a heating and air conditioning company, estimates that pet owners spend 832 hours each year cleaning up after their furry friends, hiring a cleaning service can help you spend more time doing what you want rather than dusting, moping, and organizing. 

However, when you hire a house cleaner or a home cleaning service, it’s crucial to consider the safety of your pets as you evaluate which service is right for you. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when hiring a pet-friendly cleaner so everyone can be happy with the experience.

Where Should I Put My Pets During a House Cleaning?

Dog Lounges in Crate on BlanketWhile your house cleaner is working, you have a few options for keeping your pet contained. If you’d like to keep your pet in the home, the best options are to place them in a secure room or crate them where they’re comfortable. For pet owners who would prefer to remove their pet from the home during the cleaning, a great option is to board your pet during your scheduled time. 

There is no right or wrong option. What’s best for you is what you feel is best for your pet and your house cleaner.

Securing Pets in Your Home During a Cleaning Service

For homes that are only having a portion of the rooms cleaned, we recommend securing your pets in a room that won’t be entered. Complete separation prevents any accidental escapes or disruptions during the cleaning process and can help minimize any stress on your pet from having someone new in their environment. Another option for securing your pets when a house cleaner is on-site is to crate them, either in a room that will not be entered or in an area where they are already used to being crated. 

Should I Board My Pet During My House Cleaner’s Visit?

Dog Enclosed in Boarding AreaIf your pet has higher anxiety levels, doesn’t do well being crated, or is an escape artist, you may want to consider boarding them during your cleaning service. This decision will also depend on whether your cleaning service comes weekly, monthly, or on another schedule.

Deciding whether to board your pet while the house cleaner is working depends on various factors, including:

  • Pet’s temperament: If your pet is anxious around strangers or becomes stressed by new people in the house, boarding might be a better option for their well-being.
  • Cleaner’s schedule: Coordinate with your house cleaner to choose a time when your pet is less active or can easily be out of the house. This minimizes stress for both parties.
  • Length of the house cleaning: If the cleaning will take several hours, such as for a deep cleaning or annual spring cleaning, it may be best to board your pet to avoid potential stress or accidents.

Safety First: House Cleaners and Pets

Mop with Dog in the Background Looking at OwnerRecent surveys have shown that, in the U.S., 66% of households have a pet. If you are one of these households, the safety of your pet and of your house cleaner should be your top priority. From ensuring your pets can’t consume any cleaning products while your cleaning service is on-site (or after they’ve left) to preventing any anxiety your pet may have with someone new being in your home, here are some essential steps to ensure a smooth and safe cleaning experience:

Why Hire Pet-Friendly Cleaners?

A main step in ensuring your pet’s safety and your cleaning service is to ensure that you are hiring a pet-friendly cleaner. Cleaners that are comfortable around pets are important if you’re an animal owner. Pet-friendly cleaners also usually opt for green cleaning supplies and methods, which can go a long way in preventing any additional dangers to your furry friends. 

Harsh chemicals can harm your pets if ingested or inhaled, and it’s impossible to prevent every instance of your pet coming into contact with cleaning products either during or after a service. Non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products are safer for everyone, especially your furry friends.

How to Find Pet-Friendly Cleaners in Your Area

Person Cleans Window with Cat Sitting OutsideUsing a maid service in Seattle that has experience dealing with your animals will give you a leg up in ensuring everyone is safe and happy and that your home is clean. Ask for references from family, friends, and neighbors who have pets, and ask detailed questions during the hiring process. We also recommend viewing any before and after cleaning photos the company can provide. 

Communicate With Your Pet-Friendly Cleaner

The most crucial aspect of working with a pet-friendly cleaner is communication. Communicate your pet’s needs and any specific instructions to the house cleaner, including:

  • Whether or not your pet will be at home during the cleaning
  • Areas where your pets spend most of their time
  • Potential hiding spots
  • Fears your pet may have of mops, vacuums, or other items

How to Introduce Your Pets to Your House Cleaner

Person Vacuuming Couch with Cat SittingAnother key to ensuring you are happy with your cleaning service is to make sure your pets are comfortable with the people with whom they will be sharing their home. Before the cleaning day, introduce your pets to the house cleaner if possible. This helps your pets become familiar with the new person in their environment. We encourage you to be present for the first few visits if your pet will be at home during the cleaning service.

Special Considerations for Pet Owners During Your Home Cleaning Service 

Now that pet safety has been covered, let’s look at the next big reason animal owners should opt for pet-friendly home cleaners. Services that cater towards homes with pets are more likely to understand how to deal with the particular set of messes pets can leave behind, from excess shedding to pet smell removal and more. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies.

Cleaning for Pet Allergies

Did you know that an estimated 10 to 20 percent of the global population is allergic to cats and dogs? If you’re a pet owner and you or a family member are allergic to said pet(s), it’s important to communicate this with your cleaning service. Depending on the severity of the allergies, there are different precautions that should be considered and discussed at length.

Man with Dog Allergy Sits with a DogFor example, if someone in your household is very allergic to animals and your pet is not allowed in their room, communicating that with your cleaning service can help ensure that this area of the home is cleaned first to avoid any cross-contamination during cleaning. You can also discuss HEPA filters, using specific equipment only in certain areas, and how to prevent loose animals from finding their way into rooms that they shouldn’t be in. 

If allergies are a concern, consider more frequent cleaning sessions to reduce the accumulation of pet dander and other allergens in your home. Discussing a plan with your house cleaner can help prevent any inconveniences that may arise from exposure to allergens.

Keeping a clean and safe environment for your pets while hiring a house cleaner is easy with some planning and consideration. Prioritizing safety, communication, and the use of pet-friendly cleaners will ensure a positive experience for both your furry friends and the house cleaner. Addressing pet allergies can also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living space for everyone in your household. By taking these factors into account, you can enjoy a clean and pet-friendly home without any worries.