Save money & increase productivity with these commercial cleaning tips and tricks!

Save money & increase productivity with these commercial cleaning tips and tricks!

Imagine that as a business owner, you had your employees turning up to work every day with amazing energy and happiness that they could channel into their job. Do you know what impact it would have on your business? Not only would the morale and confidence of your business go up, but you would have more productive employees, fewer employees taking time off for sickness or illness, and you would see the profits in your business increase.

There have been studies, such as the one conducted by Jungsoo Kim, which link the cleanliness of a working environment to the productivity of a business. The team from Pure House Cleaning believes you can multiply your business’s profits by maintaining clean and healthy environments. If you want to quickly improve your business’s profit margins by improving productivity, then adopting a clean office culture will help you inject “extra energy into your business.” Read on for our best commercial cleaning tips and tricks.

Some Facts and Statistics Behind Clean Office Environments:

Short-time sickness absence decreases by 12.5%, which saves approximately $11,000 in costs from employee sick leave in 50 days.

Hygiene-preventable health care and workplace health and safety claims can be reduced by 20%.

Health-related work losses cost US employers more than $260 billion each year.

Reduce unplanned absences, which have a significant negative impact on others by increasing employee workloads, stress, work disruption, and decreasing morale.

Avoid paying increased insurance premiums and health care costs for employees because you have a healthy workforce.

Increase your business’s employee retention (which minimizes recruitment costs).

Clean office workspace

Encourage staff to adopt the following habits in their workspace. 

What Can Your Staff Do to Help Improve the Cleanliness in Your Business?

There are many ways your staff can help improve office cleanliness. To get started, our best commercial cleaning tips and tricks involve encouraging your team to adopt the following habits in their workspace:

  • Regularly clean the surfaces in their workstation or workspace.
  • Disinfect surfaces or items being used in the area.
  • Be minimalistic with their workspace to avoid the accumulation of clutter.
  • Reduce the number of items used and disposed of.
  • Reuse items when able.
  • Recycle items when able.
  • Regularly clean office surfaces

How to Clean Office Surfaces

Cleaning surfaces with a microfiber cloth and water is the most effective way to remove the majority of dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs from your workspace. If it is floors, a simple sweep or vacuum will also be effective in improving the workspace.

Disinfect Surfaces in Workspaces

Disinfecting surfaces at your office can keep everyone working in the space healthier. Cleaning your office with products specifically intended to decrease germs, can improve the health of your staff. You can click here to see the range of cleaning equipment that can be used to keep your commercial workspaces clean. We also recommend using professional commercial cleaning services to ensure that cleaning is done regularly (ideally, on a daily basis).

Adopt a Culture of Minimalism

Minimalist workspaceYou want to minimize clutter and waste being brought into your workspace. So, you can encourage people to adopt minimalistic habits in their workspace.

Reduce Waste Around the Office

This means office staff should reduce using items that can cause clutter or waste. Particularly those items that have a short product lifespan, such as disposable plastics. Also, products that take a long time to biodegrade at their “End of life” should be minimized, as it will reduce waste. Be bold by introducing a “zero waste culture” into your workspace.

Reuse Items

Rather than disposing of items quickly, see what can be used to expand products beyond their end-of-life cycle. For example, excess printing paper can be used as scrap paper. Or excess stationery can be placed on a shelf to be used by other staff. Additionally, if new items are needed in the workspace, try to get second-hand items rather than buying them brand new.

Recycle Items

Implement recycling practices within your organization to keep the office clean and also partner with organizations that can help to make the recycling process easier once the products reach their end of life.

Encourage Clean Office Habits Among Staff with These 13 Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks:

Make sure office workstations are clean and tidy.

Adopt a clean-desk policy to avoid clutter piling up on desks – one simple approach is to keep less than five items on your desk at any one time.

Empty trash around desks daily.

Throw out any trash in bins at the end of each day.

Wipe down desks and workstations daily.

Use a damp cloth to wipe away germs and dust from workstations.

Clean floors and surface areas.

Air out the office daily.

Ask employees to eat food in a dedicated area.

Provide employees with disinfectants.

Encourage employees to use reusable items.

Provide rewards and incentives for improved office cleanliness

This will minimize the amount of waste being disposed of in your office.

Keep Warehouses Clean with These Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks:

  • Clean as you go.
  • Empty warehouse bins regularly.
  • Encourage recycling habits.
  • Assign cleaning zones.

Clean warehouseClean Up as You Go – Dust and mold are frequent in warehouses and can contribute to health and safety issues, as well as risk damaging stock. Have staff clean up their space in the office as they go. Have them clean dust, waste, mold, spills, or anything that causes clutter in the warehouse.

Empty Warehouse Bins Often – Never leave them to the point where they are overflowing. Ideally, empty the bins once a day.

Encourage Recycling in the Warehouse – Educate and encourage staff to adopt recycling habits within the warehouse. Provide dedicated areas for staff to place recyclable or reusable materials.

Assign Cleaning Zones to Employees – Make staff responsible for keeping certain areas of the office clean. This will ease the workload and make sure everyone feels the responsibility of taking care of their designated warehouse spaces.

Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Keeping Medical Offices Clean:

Instruct staff within the medical facility about the proper cleaning procedures.

Make sure cross-contamination is avoided by educating staff on how to clean, disinfect, and sanitize surfaces, equipment, hands, and anything else within the medical space.

Clean debris as soon as possible.

Vacuum the carpet regularly.

Remove waste.

Why Should You Seriously Consider Professional Commercial Cleaning Services and Practices in Your Business? 

Commercial cleaning services and office cleaning practices can be one of the quickest ways to increase your business’s operating profit. This is possible because it will improve the productivity in your workplace and minimize the costs that are currently reducing your profits.

What are Some of the Impacts or Consequences that can Occur from Not Having Clean Commercial Spaces?

Medical office cleaning

Should staff conduct serious injuries or end up dying as a result of their working environment, the business entity and its stakeholders (business owners and managers) may be held accountable. This could result in fines or imprisonment being enforced by OHSA.

By implementing a culture of cleanliness within your office and organization via our commercial cleaning tips and tricks, you will be able to minimize the risk of hazards for staff.

Invest in Commercial Cleaning

Once you implement our commercial cleaning tips and tricks and have an internal process for keeping your commercial spaces clean with your staff, you should have an additional process in place whereby professional commercial cleaners will provide an advanced-level clean that will disinfect and sanitize areas in your workspaces.

You will need to work out how often you will need commercial cleaning services for your office. If you have the budget, a daily service would be ideal as it would ensure the workspace is clean prior to employees arriving. If this isn’t possible, see what your organization can afford and opt for either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deep cleaning services.