Real estate cleaning hacks to sell homes FAST!

Real estate cleaning hacks to sell homes FAST!

Whether you are a real estate agent selling a property or you are a homeowner that wants to sell your home, you want to attract buyers that will buy your home quickly and for the price that you want to sell it for. As a seller, you want to maximize the opportunity for selling the property at the sale price that you desire.

To create this opportunity, you need to sell the dream of owning the property to the target buyer and create an opportunity for an emotional “impulse” buy of the property.

In this post, we will share the fast cleaning hacks that you should take to get your home real estate clean and move-in ready.

Who are Your Target Home Buyers?

Answering this question is important because you want to know the type of people that will be visiting the property that you plan to sell. You then want to present the property in a way that will appeal to them.

When it comes to preparing and doing a real estate clean of the property, you will know what things you should invest in and which ones you should leave to the future property owners.

Main Types of Buyers to Focus On:

  • Owner-occupiers
  • Property investors (buyers who plan to purchase the property to rent out)
Home buyers
Home buyers

What are Owner-Occupiers?

Owner-occupiers are buyers who plan to purchase your property to live in. They’re looking for their own personal residence. These buyers will typically be:


New families

Expanding families

Downsizing families


People in these markets see value in the lifestyle that the property offers. During your quick real estate clean, you must present the property in a way that will allow them to see the vision of them enjoying the lifestyle in that property.

What are Property Investors?

Property investors are buyers who plan to purchase the property to rent out to others. Instead of living at the place themselves, this is an investment property that will allow them to expand their property portfolio.

Their goal is to make as much rental income from the property that they plan to invest in. If the property can command premium rental prices, property investors will be interested.

To increase the sales appeal of your property, it must be presented in a way that appeals to buyers in these markets. This means tailoring your real estate clean with this in mind. The more specifically the property is customized to the market, the more appeal and value the property will have with the buyer.

Note: Do not focus on impressing appraisers of your property during your quick home cleaning, as they won’t have any emotional connection to the property that you are selling. 

To quickly sell your property at the sale price that you desire, you must ensure that the property:

  • Ticks all of the boxes in the buyer’s head.
  • Is free from anything that will turn off the buyers.

7 Real Estate Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Property More Appealing to Buyers:

Property purchase
Property purchase

To make your property appealing to buyers, you have to get potential buyers to connect with the emotional experience that the property will offer. Here are some things that you can do to trigger those emotional senses that will motivate them to buy your property:

  1. Do a quick real estate clean
  2. Make it smell nice
  3. Update lighting
  4. Play appealing music
  5. Pay special attention to cleaning walls, handles/knobs, and floors
  6. Maintain landscape
  7. Add a fresh coat of paint

1. Make sure that your property appears clean and tidy. 

Your home will appeal instantly to buyers if it appears to be neat and clean. And the home needs to appear clean and tidy through the entire browsing experience for the potential buyer.

Checklist for Getting Your House Clean Quickly so it’s Real Estate Ready:

Clean the front garden.

Make sure the entrance to the front of the home appears neat and tidy.

Make sure the front of the home looks appealing.

Make sure the walkways and open spaces inside the home appear neat and tidy.

Clean the windows, handles, and surface areas.

Vacuum and mop floor areas.

Remove clutter.

Make sure storage spaces appear neat and tidy.

Make sure a minimalist presentation is used in your home’s spaces. If you don’t have storage spaces to make your home appear minimalist, put your items into storage while your home is on the market.

2. Appeal to buyers’ sense of smell.

Appealing to the aromatic sense is a tactic that sales marketers have been using effectively for years. Scents will capture the imagination or memories for the property buyer. So, you want to use scents that will trigger those positive experiences.

You don’t have to go overboard with expensive perfumes. You can simply use scents that people enjoy and that they will be familiar with. For example:

Use Vanilla and Citrus Scents in Your Real Estate Clean Up

You want to use scents throughout the spaces of the home that people will be able to be familiar with. Vanilla is associated with positive cooking, baking, and eating experiences. You can easily boil vanilla extract in water on the stove for an inviting fragrance that will fill the home. You can also opt for citrus-scented diffusers or cleaning products to provide a familiar, freshly cleaned aroma.

Remove Bad Odors During Your Quick House Cleaning 

Citrus fragrances

Remove or clean any items that create bad smells or odors inside the property. Freshen up after they’re out by opening windows and doors. Odors may be coming from:

  • Damp towels
  • Unwashed clothing
  • Rugs
  • Upholstery, furniture, and bedding
  • Garbage cans

3. Improve your home’s appeal with lighting designs. 

Lighting design is very important for improving the interior design and appeal inside your home. Make sure you use contrasting shadows to create an appealing lighting effect within your home. You can do the following to boost buyers’ interest:

Maximize natural light – Natural light is the best way to improve the appeal inside your home. Open windows, curtains, and doors to let as much natural light into the home as possible. You can expand the amount of natural light that gets reflected around the home by placing mirrors and reflective objects such as glass or shiny metal objects such as vases around the home.

Install LED lights – LED lights provide the highest quality of lighting inside the home. You can opt for different types of lighting to create the aesthetic mood that you want to set within the home. You can install LED lights in your lighting fixtures, or you can add them into lamps and place them around the home.

Install a dimmer – Use a dimmer to change the lighting ambiance inside the rooms.

Use soft lights with lamps – You can purchase inexpensive lamps that use softer lights to create shadows and different lighting tones in the different spaces inside your home.

Add ambient lighting with LED light strips – You can also add LED lighting strips to create reflective lighting behind tables, desks, chairs, and more to add to the aesthetic appeal of the home that you are selling.

4. Play background music that appeals to your buyers. 

All you’ll need is soft music to play in the background. You want to play sounds that are likely to appeal to your audience. So do your research on what types of sounds would trigger a positive emotional response in the spaces inside the home.

Be careful with this real estate quick cleaning tip because you don’t want to play sounds that would turn off buyers. If you are unsure, maintain the sound of silence.

Below are a few genres and playlists that we recommend:

Brazilian Jazz Bossa Nova Classics

Open House Melodies Playlist

Cafe Jazz Hip Hop and Jazz Saxophone

Soft jazz instrumental

Jazz and Bossa Nova Instrumentals

Beats and lofi hip hop

Ed Sheeran Chillout music instrumentals

Bruno Mars Cafe Jazz

5. Make sure your walls, handles, and flooring look like new during your real estate cleaning.

Make sure these prominent features look clean before your prospective buyers come to inspect the property. If they are in good condition, you will only need to make sure that they receive a quick cleaning. If they aren’t in good condition, you will need to either paint, polish, or replace the items.

Should you have to paint or polish, you will be able to keep the costs low if you choose to do it yourself. If you have to completely replace the item, then get a quote to see what the replacement cost will be and estimate what value you can extract by adding it to the property.

6. Tidy up any landscaping for a thorough real estate clean. 

If you have a yard, you can simply mow the lawn, trim shrubs and bushes until they are neat, and get rid of any unwanted or unsightly plants. Remember that less is more on the eye. A simple 1-day quick house clean-up can increase the appeal of the home to the potential buyer.

7. Make the interior seem fresh with a new coat of paint. 

Repaint your home

Transform the cosmetic appeal of the interior of the home by adding a new coat of paint to the walls and ceiling. You may only need to invest in 1-3 tubs of paint to update the colors to a more modern look that will appeal to the buyers.

The paint may only cost you around $100-200, but the buyer of the property will be prepared to pay more due to the appreciation in the aesthetic value of the home.

Use These Fast Cleaning Hacks for Real Estate to Motivate People to Buy Your Home

Implementing these fast real estate cleaning hacks will trigger emotional responses from the people browsing your home. This will motivate them to make an offer and potentially make premium bids to secure the purchase of the property.

Bring in the Real Estate Cleaning Professionals

If you are interested in hiring professional cleaning services to help you with the presentation and deep or quick house cleaning of your property, you can enquire about our realtor showcase cleaning services. We’re also happy to tackle your move-in and move-out cleaning to help you get all settled once the offer has been accepted. Let us help you with all your home and commercial cleaning needs!