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Preserving our natural environment and ensuring your home is safe for you and your family are our company’s top priorities. We care because you care and that’s why we use only eco-friendly green cleaning products for all our services.

Professional Cleaning Services to Fit Your Schedule

With a team of experienced cleaners in Issaquah, we have the flexibility to provide a range of services at times that are convenient for you.

We Do It All - for the Home And Office

We offer a one-time deep cleaning service often needed for move-ins, move-outs or post construction as well as regular house cleaning maintenance, scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. Plus, we provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

Quality Cleaning At Competitive Prices

We’re committed to providing high quality cleaning for your home or office and carefully select cleaners that meet our standards. This approach, combined with our competitive pricing in the Issaquah area, has helped us to achieve a 5-star rating on

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Pure House Cleaning: Issaquah’s Professional Green Cleaning Company

With over eight years of experience as a professional green cleaning company, you can trust that we’ll deliver a consistent, high quality cleaning experience to residents and businesses alike in the Issaquah area. We’ll personally match to you to one of our expert cleaners based on your preferences, And we’ll ensure your home or office is cleaned to the best of our ability, using only green, eco-friendly cleaning products.

A Range of Cleaning Services for Issaquah

One-Time Deep Cleaning Services

Whether you’d like to schedule a move-in cleaning, a move-out cleaning, a post- renovation cleaning or a seasonal deep cleaning, we offer one-time house cleaning services to meet your needs. Find out more

Schedule Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Home Cleaning

With busy schedules and family commitments, finding the time to clean the home can be difficult. For your convenience, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly house maintenance cleaning services with our experienced green cleaners located in Issaquah. Find out more

Professional Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

In addition to residential cleaning, we also bring our professional green cleaning services to commercial clients in Issaquah. Contact us for general office maintenance, medical office cleaning and janitorial and warehouse cleaning. Find out more

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are difficult and time consuming to clean. Our Issaquah carpet cleaning team is on hand to provide quality carpet and upholstery cleaning and more.

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Pure House Cleaning Customer Reviews

Irvin P.

Seattle, WA

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the work done. I have a 60 pound Boxer who tracks dirt and leaves dander throughout the house, but after Zoya left, you’d never know.

Brook N.

Seattle, WA

We have been using pure housecleaning for over one year. They have been very responsive to our needs and always do a fabulous job!


Kent, WA

Everything was spotless. My house looked like new. I highly recommend this company for all your cleaning needs.

Inesa H.

Seattle, WA

I was very pleased by Pure House Cleaning services – it was very affordable, high quality and very timely.

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Pure House Cleaning: The Best Choice in Issaquah

We’ll Fit Your Busy Schedule

When you’re looking for a helping hand, we’re happy to lend it exactly when you need it. Maybe you’re getting a surprise visit from family, have a home move coming up or are planning a big celebration. Whatever the reason, our expert green cleaners are on the job in Issaquah and ready to make your home sparkle.

Our Professional Cleaners Meet the Highest Standards

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the cleaner you have in your home or office. We’re confident that the cleaner we send you is not only experienced, but has passed our rigorous selection process in which only two out of every ten applicants are chosen. They have also been personally selected for you based on the preferences and expectations you’ve provided us beforehand. When they’re in your home, we trust our cleaner is the right fit for you and your family.

Careful Attention While On the Job

Careful cleaning does take time and allows us to complete the quality cleaning experience we know you will appreciate. To further your satisfaction, we ask that you give us a detailed list of the tasks you’d like your cleaner to tackle and any special instructions concerning personal items in your home.

Green Cleaning Is Good for Home and Planet

When we started providing cleaning services in Issaquah and other cities in the region, we made a decision. Our cleaners would only use eco-friendly cleaning products. We made this choice because it was clear to us that green, biodegradable products were healthier for you and your family. And of course, they are kinder to our environment.

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Pure House Cleaning: How We Work with You in Issaquah

Tell Us About Your Preferences and Expectations

Before we match you with our Issaquah cleaner, we would like to know a bit about you. During a short chat we’ll ask about your home and about your preferences and expectations when it comes to your home cleaning experience. We’d like to know if you have pets at home so that we would send a cleaner who is comfortable around them. Or, maybe someone at home has allergies. Also, if you’ve been dissatisfied with a prior cleaning experience, we’d like to know about that as well. These details are essential for us to know in order to give you the best possible cleaning service in your home or office.

We Have Your Perfect Match in Issaquah

To match you with the perfect cleaner, we consider two things: your preferences such as a cleaner who is comfortable around pets or one who speaks English fluently. Once we’ve narrowed our search based on your requirements, we select from those cleaners who live in your area. We want your cleaner to get to you on time — traffic permitting — and spend their time cleaning your home, not on the road.

A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

When you invite people into your home to provide a service, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident that they are trustworthy. We know that your home is your private space where you and your family want to feel at ease. And it’s filled with personal belongings that you cherish. At Pure House Cleaning, we consider it a privilege to be invited into your home. We are careful to only select experienced cleaners with both the right professional skills and the right attitude. Only 20% of applicants make it through our selection process. We want to ensure that every cleaning experience with us is a positive one.

Setting Up Your First Cleaning

Once we have selected the best cleaner for you, we will offer you a range of possible start dates to choose from. You’ll simply pick the date that works best for you. Since we want you to know about your cleaner before your start date, we will give you a bit of background about them including their professional experience and personality. If you are comfortable with our choice, we’ll confirm your scheduled appointment and obtain a list of cleaning tasks you’d like your cleaner to do at their visit.

We also we’ll take your payment information at this time. We do not charge you until our service is completed, at which time you’ll get a confirmation of payment email from us.

Your cleaner will arrive on the scheduled day and time. If you are at home you’ll be able to meet them in person. Although that would be great, it’s not necessary and if you’d like you can arrange to give us your keys beforehand, give us access to a lock box or suggest another way for the cleaner to get your keys.


Paying for your service is simple. You can use any major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard or American Express. And if you feel like tipping your cleaner to show your appreciation, cash is the best option.

Pets In the Home

If you have advised us that you have pets at home, your cleaner has been specifically selected for you and will be comfortable around them. Please let us know if your pets are free to roam in your home. We will alert your cleaner so they will be aware and not accidentally let them out. It’s also important to advise us if there are any rooms that pets are not allowed to enter – the cleaner will do their best to ensure they stay out. If your pets are not stranger-friendly or have anxiety, we advise that you have them out of the home during our visit.

Allergy Issues

Allergies are an important factor to consider in cleaning your home. Effective green cleaning can play an important role in allergy management, while using the wrong cleaning products, like strong odorous chemicals, can pose a problem for allergy sufferers.
To help manage allergies in the home, we only use green cleaning products that have proven to be less irritating to allergy sufferers. We also use microfiber cleaning cloths and HEPA filtration systems in all our vacuum cleaners to lessen fine debris and dust that can become airborne and trigger allergies or asthma.

Personal Belongings

Our professional cleaners are selected with great care for their experience and their great respect for the homes and personal belongings of our clients. We also require them to follow specific guidelines with regard to certain types of belongings. Art hanging on walls and electronic equipment including computers, printers and TVs will only be dusted by our cleaners. Please advise us if there are any specific instructions you have regarding how items in your home should be cleaned. We’ll do our best to follow them.

Although a rare occurrence, accidents may happen. We are insured for damage to your belongings and you can view the full details of our coverage on our FAQs page. If anything in your home is damaged, we will do our best to repair or replace the item.

Contact Us To Schedule or Cancel A Booking

Our customer service team is on hand to answer your questions or schedule a cleaning service for you. Please allow a 30-minute window for your cleaner to arrive before or after your scheduled appointment due to traffic in Issaquah.

If you need to cancel a scheduled service, please call our customer service line at (206) 673-2282. We would appreciate your giving us 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Enjoy A Greener Clean In Your Home Or Office

In over eight years in business, we have always believed in providing high quality cleaning using products that are eco-friendly and kinder to you, your home and our environment. We source only products that are reliable from reputable brands including Method, Love Home and Planet. Plus, we continue to source new green eco home products as they become available.

Service areas

Between our 2 locations, Pure House Cleaning services over 24 cities and 25 neighborhoods throughout King County.

Our service area includes: Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Clyde Hill, Edmonds, Everett, Inglewood, Issaquah, Juanita, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lake Forest, Lynnwood, Medina, Mercer Island, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Newcastle, North Bend, Redmond, Sammamish, Shoreline, Snoqualmie, Woodinville and more.

View the full list here.

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