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cleaner-spongeAt Pure House Cleaning, our cleaners excel in nearly all types of cleaning services. We’re a highly experienced crew of professional house cleaners who strive to give you the best cleaning service possible.


We specialize in many types of cleaning, including the following services below:

One Time Cleaning

Do you have a special occasion coming up where you’d like your home to be the cleanest? Or perhaps a recent party has left your home in a bit of disarray? Maybe you’re leaving for a vacation and want to return to a beautifully cleaned home?


Whichever the case, you’ll want to schedule a single cleaning and have the Pure House Cleaning crew drop by and tidy up. We’d love to!


Click here for more information on our one time cleaning service.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

There are many families out there who simply don’t have the necessary time to keep up with routine cleaning. Similarly, many professionals spend a large chunk of their time away on business and also lack the time to clean. But we’re here for you!


Our Pure House Cleaning staff is very flexible and more than willing to work out a consistent cleaning schedule for us to stop by and tidy up your house when it’s best for you.


To find out more on our regularly scheduled cleaning services, click here.

cleaner-glassSpring & Deep Cleaning

There are many times when a single, once-over type of cleaning will not suffice. And if you’re in that situation, don’t fear, Pure House Cleaning is here for you!


If your home needs a thorough, all out spring cleaning, we can definitely help you. Our staff is highly skilled at deep cleaning and will quickly do away with years of natural buildup of dust, grime, and dirt.


You can find more information on our spring and deep cleaning page.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning

If you’re moving into a new place, you might not be up for cleaning the old place. And we can’t blame you! After years of living in the same residence, there are bound to be dust and grime piled up, no matter how clean of a person you are.


Instead of spending time cleaning your old home when you could be enjoying your new one, why don’t you let us clean for you!


Click to read more about our move in and move out cleaning services.

cleaner-ovenReal Estate Agent Showcase Cleaning

When presenting a residence to prospective tenants, few things are as important as showcasing the homes true beauty. And with our cleaning services, your residence will absolutely sparkle!


We work closely with realtors to bring out the best in their properties. If you’re showcasing a home soon and want it to be thoroughly cleaned for your next showing, give us a call.


Click here for our additional real estate cleaning information.

Post Construction Cleaning

If your home has recently undergone a small construction or renovation project, you’ve probably noticed the fine dust and debris left over. No worries, our staff is highly trained in cleaning up this kind of mess.


We’ll go through your construction area with special towels to remove and capture dust, mop the floors until they glow, disinfect doorknobs, and much more.


For a full list of these services, head to our post construction cleaning services page.